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  • Wes C Wes C Dec 6, 2009 10:33 PM Flag

    Trading Malkin for a Goalie

    I dont know if you caught this earlier but there was a thread where some idiot was bragging about trading Ryan Miller for Malkin and how he did such a good job selling high. You will be happy to know that every person to respond told him he was dumb. I really hope this guy was in your league because you will definitely beat him as he now has Price, S. Mason and Rask as his only goalies (somehow he was confident enough in that to give up Miller).

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    • So I just revisited that other post to see if anything happened and you are indeed who I thought you might be. Nice work exploiting that chump; selling high wouldve been him trading Kopitar away, not Ryan Miller. Nice work, I hope you beat some much needed humility into that little punk (especially because his team sucks).


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