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  • dtickle dtickle Dec 3, 2009 9:40 AM Flag

    Maximum Games

    A few teams in my league have expressed discontent about the sudden fluxuation of the projected maximum games. About game 15 or so in they changed them drastically, no one knew if the change was a correction or a bug. Now as of Dec. 1 or so, the maximum games have changed back making just about everyone in my league over on projected maximum games into the positive.

    Does anyone have any information on this? What should I tell the GMs in my league, because I know nothing about this and I would like to be a good commissioner.

    P.S. im sending this exactly to yahoo and will update if I get any response at all.

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    • I had sent a message to yahoo about max games a couple of weeks ago. The reply I got said they were 'working on it'. But, as
      you noted the problem with the projection continued until this week. My take on it is that yahoo uses a calculation method which looks ahead in the schedule to project how many games your players will play. This year, there's a large gap in the sked due to
      the Olympic break. I think that this gap screwed up the calculation
      and the result was that all players looked like they were going to play fewer games. Yahoo never explained the actual reason, so this explanation is just a guess. In any case, the problem's been fixed.

    • This is what yahoo told me:

      "The issue is related to an incorrect games calculation
      from our data provider."

      Yeah it's a general answer and it doesn't tell you why, but even though it was Yahoo's (or their data provider's) mistake, those in your league shouldn't have assumed that it was correct. I knew something was wrong when I first saw it, but I wasn't going to use my bench players until I knew what was going on. My commish didn't do anything about it, but I'm not complaining to him, I can contact Yahoo as well.

      If they wanted to be sure, they should've kept playing as normal until there was an answer. Anyway, this is all hindsight, I know.

      Now, everyone will have to be a bit more careful when making their lineups. However, it's only December, and there's plenty of time to bring it back towards the 0.

    • I was wondering the exact same thing.Keep us posted on what Yahoo says.


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