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  • P C P C Nov 25, 2009 6:02 PM Flag

    Crazy trade!!!

    What do you think I should do???

    I have been offered - Ovechkin, Prospal, and Erik Johnson for my Gaborik, Kopitar, and Rinne.

    I'm towards no deal...any opinions???

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    • who are your other goalies?

    • It doesn't look like a bad deal for you. I think Prospal looks good spuratically and you are losing a goalie who is doing pretty well right now. But I think right now is the operative part of that sentence. This is the way I break it down.

      Ovie for Gaborik. No brainer Ovie wins (but really not by as much as you would think) I just think it's funny when people say ya do it because the guy is going to get injured. Don't count on him getting injured he is going to have a great season. But you get Ovie which is good for you.

      Prospal for Kopitar. As much as people would like to believe that Kopitar is a fluke, Prospal's hot start is probably flukier than him so you are losing one of the best C. Luckily C are easily replaced with some decent talent.

      Rinne for Johnson. If you have a couple solid goalies and one bum defenseman then this is a good trade for you.

      Overall I think that if you have another C who is producing a point per game and you have another RW who is putting up decent numbers, this is a great trade for you.

      I just lost my train of thought. I am watching the Hawks game and Hossa and Sharp just scored back-to-back SH goals on the same PP for the Sharks. Oh ya! Take the trade but don't think you just broke the bank.

    • I don't get it, but anytime you have the opportunity to land Ovie, you better take it!

    • dude, I'd take that in a heart beat!!! yes you are losing some point production with kopitar/gabby but you are getting the best player in the game!!! Gabby has a history of injuries...I don't see this year being any diff. I suspect that it's just a matter of time. Plus you get prospal in the deal which would get you some of those Gabby points anyways. If this trade makes your team better...than do it! if it makes it about the same or less....then don't take it. Hope that helps.

    • To me this is a no go. Gaborik has been single-handedly producing a majority of the Ranger offense without a killer line to back him up. Prospal is good, but I think Gaborik has a lot to do with his success. Gaborik generates momentum and makes plays that lead to goals for people aside from himself. He could easily have a better year than Ovie if he stays healthy, even considering who Ovie is playing with.

      People look at him as a liability because he is prone to injury, but until he goes on IR officially, he's money. The only other thing that could bring him down is if Prospal fizzles out and Sather doesn't bring anyone else in on to his line. Even then I'm not sure it would even be a problem for him.

      Kopitar is slowing down as of late, but that may have something to do with Smyth being injured as well. Even if he doesn't stay at the pace he set early on this season, he is still bound to have a good year.

      TL;DR Keep Gabby/Kopitar.


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