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  • Ronny T Ronny T Nov 26, 2009 1:46 AM Flag

    PLEASE fix Games Remaining per position

    Most managers can add and subtract...and count to 82. We don't need the "Red (-)" and "Green (+)" to work out where we are in our man game usage. The "Games Played" number is correct and the "Games Remaining" number is correct. It is relatively simple to work out the projected over / under. Even using a proportional figure is helpful. For example, we've just past the quarter pole so if your max games for RW's is 164 , we should have used 41 RW games. If your team has used, say 51 RW games then your projected number would be 174 (or +10). But yes, it's unanimous that, not only has Yahoo let us down, their failure to announce the problem and refusal to even guess at a solution date is highly unprofessional...and perhaps tells us how Yahoo Inc feels about us poolies....rt


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