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  • dale dale Nov 24, 2009 10:48 AM Flag

    Transaction Limits

    How many of you guys have a limit in your league for waiver transactions? If so what is the limit set at?

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    • This is my preference:

      H2H: maximum 2 or 3 transactions a week. Prevents streaming but gives you enough flexibility to make adjustments.

      Roto and Points: unlimited BUT require a maximum number of games set at 82. People get bored and lose interest if you cap it but to prevent churning of entire rosters the max games are in place. Especially in roto as late season moves can be crucial to make up a deficit in a certain category. But you have to be smart with those choices.

    • Four leagues - one has a 100 move limit; the other 3 have no maximum.

      I'd prefer a cap at 75, over no limit. We had a guy last year in a pool with no max. who had over 300 moves. He was clearly drop/adding every day to add players who were playing that night. The league was just for fun and player-pimping like that seemed against the spirit of the pool.

    • We have been playing for like 10 years and use 30 as a limit to avoid "playing the pool".

    • in my h2h league its 4 transactions a week, which I couldnt imagine anyone ever needing.

    • Four leagues:
      One league has a games limit so it sort of limits the number of transactions.
      One one league has no limit.
      One league has a 70 transaction limit.
      The fourth league has no limit although during the playoffs we limit ourselves to one move a day. This league has been running for 10 years now so the playoff rule is followed without incident.

      If I were running a league I prefer to see a games limit or a transaction limit of some kind. 100 moves a season (four a week) seems about right although I don't think I have reached that personally.

      In my H2H league I often make my moves for the weekend when I know how my team is faring. I usually pick up guys like Cody Macleod because I never draft with PIMs in mind when drafting.


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