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  • Howard Howard Nov 21, 2009 3:48 AM Flag

    Please fix the Maximum Games issue?

    Hi, I don't think it was broken before, since we went day by day and the numbers, sometimes were off by a game or two, were still sensible. Now suddenly, my G position is -27, that's not possible at all. I follow the remaining games day by day, and my Center position was always straight on 0. Checking across my other GMs, we believe the magic number is 12.

    Yahoo has somehow created a 12 games margin between max game and projected games.

    Like I said, we don't mind that it maybe a logarithm problem that cannot be fixed immediately. but Yahoo needs to come out and clarify that they will fix this eventually, or else GMs will start playing all their BN players now, and create a lot of arguments near the end of the season.

    Thanks again for the attention.


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    • I have no idea what the exact problem is because I am in only one roto league and the managers decided on a 100 game limit so we will probably never get out of the minus.
      Does the games played look about right? or is it the projection that is off? If you are not sure if the games played is correct, then pick a position - C is easiest because it is at the top - and go back and count the number of games your Cs played. It will take a few minutes but no longer than complaining and reading about complaints on this board. We are about a quarter of the way through the season so if you have played about 1/4 of the games allowed you are on track.
      If the projection is off, my guess is the damn Olympics. The schedule has been condensed so this season is fewer weeks long, meaning more games get played in a week. The program may not have adjusted for that.

    • I agree with you completely and I'm dying to hear an answer. I don't want to start playing duds to try to make up for these games to have it fix itself and be + everywhere. I don't understand why we haven't heard anything at all. C'mon yahoo... get your shit together.


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