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  • Deathrace King Deathrace King Nov 18, 2009 1:17 AM Flag

    I let a trade go through.

    Theres discontent in my league because i was approached for a trade from our Danish league guy. Im commish and in first. I took everything into consideration before i accepted the trade. There was a couple messages left on the league page that basically stated I was running a dishonest league. This is the message i left for the league addressing this issue.

    Was I not fair? And why? Seems to me that any one of the detractors would have raised hell if they were a party to this trade and I vetoed.

    He proposed the trade to me. I thought it well over.

    This is what he got.
    Sedin- 82 pts last year 23 so far this year. Will be higher once Daniel is back. 158 fan points so far this year. Good team.

    Eriksson- 63 pts. last year 17 so far this year. LW/RW eligibility. 88 fan points so far this year. Good team.

    Gustavsson- Rookie with a lot of promise on a bad team. 3-4-3. 89 fan points so far this year.
    All European.

    This is what I got.
    Stamkos- 46 pts. last year 21 so far this year. Will hopefully stay a ppg player but the book is still out on him. 148 fan points so far. Mediocre team.

    Zajac- 62 pts. last year 18 so far this year. 134 fan points so far this year. Good team.

    Mason- 27-21-7 last year 4-6-3 so far this year. Decent proven goalie on a decent team. 122 fan points so far this year.

    When he proposed this trade my knee jerk reaction was it was too much. Then i thought about it. I got the edge in fan points in this trade. He got better depth. Now i'm scrambling to try and trade for a good LW as im way over on centers now. Now he has more balance and players he prefers. Take a look at his roster and remember how he drafted. He would rather build his team out of the European players. Do i think he gave me too much....I kinda do but he doesnt. And the goalies are negligible anyway.

    I stated before i will allow most trades to go through in this league. I took everything into consideration before allowing this. To tell the truth i didnt really want to get rid of Sedin/Eriksson. He traded them out of me. Remember it was HIS proposition and that was taken into consideration as well.

    Pisses me off that you guys didnt think it through and see that it was. All of your trades will get the same consideration as this one did.

    If I wished to assemble my favorite players and traded better players to get them im sure none of you that I would trade with would object. I won't have hypocrisy dictating what trades are fair. As you noticed the last trade went through and there was no discontent.

    Does this mean I am not allowed to trade as well because i've taken the responsibility to make sure trades are just. This last trade was more equal on paper. Our trade didnt look exactly equal on paper but there is more to consider than just stats AND AS IVE STATED BEFORE those are just the things i WILL take into consideration.

    In another league I was involved in a trade in which I was giving up what the guy wanted and looked...on paper....that i was getting a steal. The commish vetoed it without explanation so we tried it again and the commish threatened us. I assuaged the commish with why we thought it was fair and the guy i was trading echoed that but got a bit more accusatory with the commish. The commish immediately locked him out from playing which is bullshit. I wont do that. Funny thing is the commish in that league is dead last im in 2nd and the guy he locked out is in 6th. As you can see stats are only half of any trade.

    FYI when i accepted the trade i also questioned it in the trade message.....just to make sure he didnt make a mistake. If he truly wishes ill even reverse the trade as i wouldn't mind keeping Sedin/Erikksson. He got the best player in the trade and more depth. I got 2 good centers that i now have to try to deal for a good LW as i am short now.

    And thatll be the end of it. I apologize for the language but this ticks me off.

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    • There's nothing wrong with the trade. Even if it's unfair, which remains to be seen, that's ok. My understanding is that trades should not be allowed only if there is collusion, like when the same person has two teams and trades all the good players from one team to the other team for crappy players. That didn't happen here. You're fine.

    • I like Eriksson more than most people. He is young and on a good team/good line. I think he underestimated and if I was you I wouldn't make that trade. I give the win to the other guy. No Veto.

    • Very fair trade. Players heat up and cool down. What would be unfair is passing on it due to peer pressure. You would not veto it as commish if you were not an interested party, why should you pass now.

    • Most people not involved in the deals forget that they don't have quite as much idea of what is fair to the two managers involved. As a commissioner in a 3 year league i've had to settle several disputes over what is "fair" and not once have I vetoed a deal. Every time it's the same. The two managers had their reasons for making the deal and that's it. No one else gets a say. This year I didn't even make that an option to me, for the reason you're dealing with now. Now it's a league vote (with 8 of 12 needing to veto).

    • Fair Trade, certainly not lopsided either way. You got the better end but the other team seems to be getting a fair deal. Sedin will out pt Stamkos and Mason has his starting job at stake with the Sophmore jinx. Gustavsson could be seeing more time in Toronto as Toskala just hasn't been the man he needs to be between the pipes and Zajac and Eriksson is a toss up. Certainly not a veto trade situation. Tell your league to stop crying because you made a strategic move. That's what it's all about in these leagues. Picking up break out players that know one else did off the wire and making strong trades to improve your team. One team is typically going to be on the winning side of any trade. Why not you?

    • Decent trade, no reason to veto.

    • I would have vetoed it given the chance. You totally screwed that guy. Sorry, but that's how I see it. I think your league may be overreacting, but if they are good hockey people, it is only natural they'd think that wasn't a fair trade.

    • Sounds like your league is a bunch of cry babies, who are jealous they didn't get to do the deal.

      The deal you did is obviously not colusion.

      Trades happen, what one person sees as value is different than another.

      Managers often overvalue their favorite players and overpay to get them.

      Heck, I traded H. Sedin and Shirovkov (who's no longer in the league) before the start of the season for. Datsyuk and Chara. Lop sided deal, but the guy was a vancouver fan, and wanted hometown players.

      Lopsided doesn't mean cheating.

    • I commish a league and follow three simple rules. These are straight out of my commish note to the league.

      - Rules -

      1) Every trade/move must benefit all teams involved. In other words, collusion will not be tolerated.
      2) No malicious personal attacks against other managers. You can talk shit, just leave the drama out.
      3) Commish's word is Final!!!

      I couldn't see how your trade would be considered collusion. In all trades there are winners and losers. Like an above post says, People trade based on their projections of players.
      A good example:
      I traded C.Mason and P.Sharp for Getzlaf back when he was still struggling for points. Obviously I ripped the guy off, but if you looked at stats at that particular time, he ripped me off. Classic case of letting stats dictate trades.

      Yeah sure you rip the guy off and the further we go in the season the more clear it will be. Not your fault the guy is trading based on current stats. I personnally would not have given up Sedin. Don't forget to mention that S.Mason is gonna be on the bench more often now that he's sucking hard and that the Monster is the number one in TO, not that it really matters since the Leafs Suck donkey balls.

    • I think it is fair. Yes, maybe the Stamkos side is better, but not by that much.

      I'd show your league this thread.

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