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  • wow selanne is so good you have him twice? Ya, Selanne is too inconsistent. I wouldn't even say it has anything to do with his age. He is a goal scorer but I would drop him for Kotalik because I think Kotalik will give you consistent point production as opposed to 3 or 4 points in a game once every two weeks. I don't know how Selanne does it but if he is having a good game he is having a great game. Iginla kind of does the same thing but he does it for 3 or 4 games in a row usually then sucks for the next 2 or 3. But I wouldn't trade Iginla for anything if I had him.

    Anyway, drop Selanne for Kotalik

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    • awesome thanks guys. i just droped bergeron for kotalik just be cause i have too many C on my team and once Hossa gets better selanne is gone. Thanks for all the help it was greatly apreciated. And lol i did not notice i had selanne down 2 times i will make sure to drop them both lol once hossa comes back. Thanks


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