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  • Shawn M Shawn M Nov 5, 2009 3:28 PM Flag

    2 for 2 deal!!! Who wins!!!

    Eric Staal and Huselius for Bobby Ryan and Stamkos

    Who wins? Staal is out for the next couple weeks, btw. Thats whats holding me back.

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    • Ryan/Stamkos. Stall is injured and Stamkos is on fire right now

    • Okay I have a few things to say here.

      FIrst off. Bobby Ryan and Steven Stamkos!!!! I hope you are getting those two right? Because if you are asking if you should trade two up and coming stars, one in which is already showing his ability to score (Stamkos) and another who at the moment isn't doing anything too special but will surely get it going (Ryan), for Staal who plays for a SHIT team and (WHO?)selius that has been a healthy scratch like the other guy touched on then you are just getting completely ripped off.. How do you even ask this question?

      The second thing I want to say is... WHYYYY do you have a picture of Vernon (i'm over-paid) Wells as your image? I'm from Toronto and I'm a huge Jays fan and this guy is a cancer and so over-paid for his mediocrety it isn't even funny.. Please change that picture to Snider, Hill, Lind or anyone of their pitchers (except Tallet).

    • Staal is out for like a month, Huselius was a healthy scratch, so essentially if the other guy got nothing he would win but the fact that your giving stamkos who could hit 30+ goals this year plus a good player in bobby ryan is laughable, if your getting stamkos and ryan do it now, otherwise reject that trade outright absolutely no value


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