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  • David David Oct 30, 2009 5:20 PM Flag

    Would you do this trade?

    I am in a twelve team non-keeper league... I sent a guy in my league a trade for Steven Stamkos. I sent him Milan Michalek and Christian Huselius for Stamkos. I'm in need of a center and I thought it was a fair offer... he rejected the trade saying "Why the hell would I do that? Honestly, I thought I was overpaying... Am I nuts??

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    • I would try sending him James Neal and Huselius maybe. I still don't know if that will be enough but it would be closer than with Michalek.

    • No, I wouldn't make the trade (if I had Stamkos -which I do) . That being said, I do not think you are nuts.

      This is my first year in fantasy hockey. I'm a 14 year vet of fantasy football. My football league is very tight with trades which has frustrated the hell out of me. I, too, have tried multiple times to trade the 'package deal' - and failed. Until this year.

      Follow me here: If you had a Corvette and I had 2 Chevettes (I know, I'm a little old), would you trade me? No, you wouldn't. I'm not saying Stamkos is a Corvette or the two players you offered are Chevettes (a piece of crap 'economy' car of the 1980's). BUT...Stamkos is PLAYING like a Vette now and your two players? Well...

      Back to my football league. This year I tried to trade Addai (when he was up), Johnny Knox (on his way up) and the 49er DEF for R. Moss (when he had yet to score a TD). Shot down in flames. Tried the same trade for another under-performing but historically 'great' WR. No dice.

      So, finally I went another route. I traded my 2 Chevettes, not for a Corvette, but for a Camaro. I made the trade (3 on-the-up players) for an under-performing but historically 'good' player. I landed Roddy White. With the roster room I deepened my team with a waiver pickup. I've lost once in a VERY competitive, 14 year old league.

      So...2 isn't always better than one. If your going to try this, take two -on-the-up players and trade them for a 'good' or 'solid' player. Or better yet, a 'down' player. Think Iginla, or Prospal from the Rangers. Kane, maybe. That type of thing.

      Never forget that in a package trade, YOU are the one who makes out. You trade the EVEN amount of points but only occupy ONE roster position while doing it! So, if you can't drive the Corvette in this situation, drive a Z-28.

      Hope this weirdness helps.

    • Cool thanks. I'm pretty high on Neal at the moment

    • Its worth a try. I don't want to bring your hopes down or anything but if he wasn't willing to accept michalek and huselius, who have more fantasy value combined than neal, its unlikely he would take neal.

      of course this approaching the trade if it was me. thats the thing about hot players, the other teams is hoping someone will overpay for them, thats why they are more arrogant in dealing away these guys.

    • Yea thanks man. I was thinking of offering him James Neal for Stamkos. It's not a keeper league so I don't value Stamkos in that sense. What do u think of Neal for Stamkos?

    • Stamkos is not in the same tier as Nash, Marleau, Carter YET, but he will be in their league, if not greater, eventually.

      I would say Stamkos holds similar value to players like Eriksson, Kopitar, B.Ryan, C.Perry, Setoguchi, Frolov, basically young, up-coming and emerging players.

      but if you do want stamkos, try to see if he's willing to work something out, maybe he needs a goalie or something, etc.

    • the guy you are trying to trade is thinking why would i take 2 players from you when i could just as easily find 2 players as good if not better then your offereing him on FA list. hense you have to make him an offer that will benifit his team as well as yours. cant expect every person to except every trade you send.

    • It's cool... no biggie. What do u think of my next question I posted down there?

    • Then I suppose my next question would be.... what type of player would Stamkos be worth? Any example would be cool. I have St Louis, Nash, Marleau and Carter as my top four forwards and I wouldn't do any of those guys straight up for Stamkos. I'm havin a hard time putting him into a Tier... any suggestions?

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      • Hey David, I wasn't making fun of you or acting snotty. I come here seeking advice as well. Sorry If my previous comments made you feel that way.

        I was arguing as if I was offered the trade. Stamkos will be an elite player and his beginning to take that route early this season. I don't think he will slump, because he had a "freshman slump".

        Your right, he may not continue this pace and might very well end uup with 70 points instead of his current pace. But if I had Stamkos, I would not give him up for those 2 wingers.

        However, it CAN be a a very fair offer if he has depth at C and needs winger positions. i don't know the specifics of your league but Stamkos is hot right now, and usually people like to get higher value when trading hot players.

        I hope I clarified my position, and I made my comment more professional.

    • if youthink you are overpaying with those 2 players for stamkos, yes, you are nuts

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      • you wont get stamkos with those wingers

      • Ya know what. This will be the last bit of advice I seek on these message boards. I value others opinions when the differ from mine... but on here all I get is smug people looking to toot their own horn. Or looking for a reason to make fun of someone and act smarter than them. Honestly all I wanted was a few opinions... If you think I'm nuts... tell me why... explain your opinion with some facts. Don't just say Stamkos is way way better all smug like. Yes Stamkos is a stud but he's a sophomore and he will slump... I guess I'm just not as high on him as you guys are at the moment. I've seen a lot of fast starts from young guys fizzle out. Thanks for you opinions anyway

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