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  • Gregory Gregory Oct 28, 2009 11:12 PM Flag

    Did I screw up?

    Lecavelier is on a struggling team, granted he has tavares but Semin is far better, and Huet is going to do better than anderson because the Hawks are just a better team, and Savard for Kessel is a no brainer to me....I think it's a good deal

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    • PS the depth of your team will make up any temporary difference right now..

    • I think Greg Screwed up. Vinny does not have Tavares. He has St. Louis playing on his line and Stamkos on the PP.

      Vinny is so touch and go. Savard is out for awhile But I think you win this deal in the long run by alot. I would love to have Semin on my team., but some idiot in my league trade Luongo, Semin, Carter, Carle for Lundvist, Getzlaf, Neidermayer, Tavares and thought he was getting the better deal.

      Huet is starting to some game and even sharing time with Niemi, Huet is getting 2-1 starts and that means probably 55 games played and 30+wins sure will be god enough to offset.

      Anderson is the real deal as a goalie he showed that in FLA behind Vokun and getting tons of shutouts in games he played. But much the same it will come down to nights that COL will need to out score there opponent while getting out shot.