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  • FMU FMU Oct 19, 2009 5:53 AM Flag

    The right way to veto

    I just want to know what people think veto is for. How it should be use and how it shouldn't be used.

    As far as I know, the right way: one should only veto when there's collusion (ie. stacking up one team).

    The wrong way: one should not veto because one thinks the trade is uneven.

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    • I never use the veto button. However, I will post about the obvious - and I mean really obvious - lopsideness of a trade. If a team cannot justify giving up Brodeur, Parise and Brind'Amour for Quick, Cleary, and Sundin then perhaps the trade should not go through. That was a trade earlier in the year that was vetoed.

      BUT - and this is really important. I hate the idea of vetoing a trade just because you think one guy wins. I don't have time to do a lot of researching and trading. Some guys do. I do not think they should be penalized if they can take advantage of some less aware owner. Maybe they get a slow starting star for a hot start rookie. I say good for them. Just because we didn't take advantage of the moron doesn't mean we penalize the hardworking GM who did.

    • Collusion is INTENTIONAL stacking of one team, where both parties are involved.

      If a trade is lopsided, but there's an explanation of why one manager made the trade, then it should be let go (regardless if hurts/helps one team). Deciding whether a trade is fair or not should NEVER be a reason for a veto.

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      • In addition, everyone values a trade differently. It may appear lopsided, but given the circumstances e.g. roster depth, category needs etc, it may make sense to the manager that has accepted it. Also, you could 'win' a trade but it doesn't help your team, and you could 'lose' and it does help.

        For these reasons it should only for trades that appear to be fishy that the veto comes into play. Not out of jealousy - which happens far too often.

    • that's just it tho- if someone thinks that the trade is uneven, they probably also think one team's getting stacked- in their own mind, at least


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