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  • Alex Alex Oct 18, 2009 6:31 PM Flag

    HUGE OVIE TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is the trade that another team and I settled after more then a dozen counter offers back and forth. I'm in a 12 team H2H league.

    Follow me here and see if my logic was sound.

    I traded him
    Alex Ovechkin 9G 7A +9 4PIM 5PPP 0SHP 2GWG 61SOG
    David Krejci 0G 3A 0+/- 0PIM 0PPP 0SHP 0GWG 12SOG
    Dennis Wideman 1G 1A -2 0PIM 1PPP 0SHP 0GWG 10SOG

    I got
    Jonathan Toews 1G 4A +6 0PIM 1PPP 1SHP 0GWG 17SOG
    Rick Nash 3G 7A +3 6PIM 2PPP 1SHP 1GWG 24SOG
    Duncan Keith 2G 3A +3 4PIM 1PPP 1SHP 0GWG 19SOG

    Ovie is the only real player I losing here as the other 2 are dead weight so far. I'm hoping for Krejci to not be able to repeat last years performance. And hoping when Hossa comes back he will be on a regular line or at least PP line with Toews and his numbers will go up. And we all know Nash is a beast, and he is on a roll so far this year with better linemates.

    What I'm losing for Ovies goals and assists I'm hoping Toews and Nash can combine to come close. I will still get a huge boost in the +/-, PiM, and SHP which are 3 stats I lost each of my first 2 weeks.

    What do you think?

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    • Your a dumbass, without kessel in Boston Krejci is gonna have a sick year! Wideman is a solid defenseman and ill personally kick your ass if you call him dead weight. You got screwed!

    • you're an idiot, way to gurantee a bottom of the league finish

    • If I had Ovechkin on my team I don't think I would ever trade him. Nash and Toews probably wont equal the stats he will put up.

    • Terrible trade, probably the worst I've seen in a while. Never ever trade the best player.

      Yuor logical is flawed. You siad you are hopnig Toews and Nash can combine to come close to Ovi's totals. That right there should tell you something. What about you keep Ovi and whatever other player you have with Ovi will blow away Toews and Nash.

      if you are doing this to boost +/- or PIM it still lacks sound judegment. No one can predict how the +/- will turn out or penalty minutes. Again playrs with high penalty totals usually see less ice time and have lower stats.

      Look slike you will now lose more then just the +/- and PIM. No one should ever trade the best player..

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      • wow what a bad trade. sorry brotha, you ripped yourself off.

        when trading 1 stellar player for 2 great players and using the logic that a = b + c , you lose, you lose outright and you lose again for being retarded. For any kind of trade like that it would have to be a < b + c to be worthwhile. as in b + c = 1.5 - 1.75x production of that 1 player.


    • Realistically, Ovie shatters the lines of what o realistic player should be. He could "realistically" get 150 pts this year. He keeps getting better and better and turns into more of a complete player as time goes on. This is a bad deal. I would pick Ovie in a football fantasy pool if I could.

    • Even if you only gave up Ovechkin, I would think this was a bad trade.

    • you can make this trade with crosby maybe... but not ovechkin im a hawks guy and toews and keith will have big years being top line guys but even with nash in there i dont know if id make this trade

    • you are a chimpanze.....what are you thinking?

    • if your saying nash is goin to get what hes on pace for ovi is on pace for 2 points a game and thats 160 ....ovie will get about 120 and krejci will get about 40 -50 so thats 160 - 170 .. u can also probly find a good FA guy that will probly hit 60 and drop krejci but anyways nash will get in the high 80s and towes will get probly 70 kane or hossa its doesnt matter who he plays with i personally like kane better but ya that is 150-160 so your losing the trade, and ovie will get u 500 shots when nash and toews combined may get you 400 shots if your lucky ...never trade alex ovechkin!!

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      • You're a tool. I've never trusted a leafs fan to know whats what with hockey. You've been subjected to AHL level hockey for so long that you have no clue what the big boys league is like.
        The biggest fish (Ovie) is King. You can't replace a king with 2 knights!!!!

        Take your blindfold off and realize that there's more stat categories than just points. Shots will always be yours if you have Ovie, goals and points has no substitute for Ovie.

        I can see a lot of the "back and forth" you've been having with everyone on this issue. It just goes to prove that helping a leafs fan is like helping a retard out of his helmet. He'll come out swinging but have no idea what he's saying or doing.

        Good luck in the season, retard

    • Should keep Ovechkin. . For other guys, I don't think you would had a big trouble to replace them through the waiver in 12 team league.

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