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    My name is Dustin Webster and I run two keeper leagues one head to head and the other is a rotisserie. This is the 2nd year for both. It's the same people in both leagues. You would have to sign up for both. I have TWO vacancies. I try and make it as real as possible so each roster is just like the NHL. 4 C 4 LW 4 RW 6 D and 1 G. 5 on the bench and one IR. you can keep all the players on your roster is you want but in the draft there is 24 rounds so say you want to keep all your players then you won't have a draft pick. But say you keep maybe 20 then you would have a 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th round pick. I really think it's cheesey for keeper leagues say well you can only keep 5 players. Thats not a true keeper league. The draft times are 5pm est. Sunday and 6pm est Sunday. The things I need from you is First and Last name and your email and that is all for my contacts. If this still sounds like something you want in on then email me back and I will send you the info. dpw17@hotmail.com

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