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  • ICE® ICE® Sep 25, 2009 10:26 PM Flag

    I have a league for Elite managers only..

    It has been 7 years running and the managers are all Champions of other private select groups not mere Public leagues where inactivity/no shows and rookies running rampant. The league has always been by strict invite only and we have never opened this league to the public boards but have decided to take in 1 new manager this season and insist on active managers who are ready to compete and will be consistently active.

    This league is a private league and if you are able to prove yourself and show your value to our league you will be invited to compete in all of our leagues for the other major sports as well. We are a Fantasy Sports SUPER League.

    This OPENING won't last 2 minutes so move on it and make sure you're there to play!

    Are there any takers in here...Hockey fans that think they can hang with some of the best Fantasy sports managers?? If so..first one to show takes the last slot!!

    League ID# 180844
    Password- ice


    We'll see you there!!

    Live Draft Sunday night at 6:45pm


    P.S- Anyone interested in playing in this league in the future or possibly our farm leagues to play against many of us and working towards Elite Status, please leave your contact info/email and we may put another league into effect immeediately if response is adequate.

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