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    Strained Resources Extreme Fantasy Hockey

    We have 9 openings left, the draft dates and times for the leagues are:
    Tier 4: AHL – Saturday, Sept. 12 @ 2:00pm (5 open)
    Tier 4: ECHL – Saturday, Sept. 12 @ 10:00am (4 open)
    Tier 4: IHL – Sunday, Sept. 13 @ 2:00pm Pacific (full)
    Tier 4: CHL – Sunday, Sept.13 @ 10:00am Pacific (full)
    (All times Pacific Time)

    Testimonials from our players:
    “If you are looking for a very competitive fantasy hockey league, Strained Resources is for you. I like this format because a total of 540 players are drafted (18 teams * 30 rounds). I feel that many drafts aren't deep enough and there are too many fantasy worthy players on free agency.
    I am entering my 4th year with this format and I've enjoyed the competitiveness every year. ...the league is heavily reliant on goalies so make sure you understand the format before you join. The format started out as one league of 18 teams and grown to 11 leagues of 198 teams so, it is taking off in popularity.” (chaser)

    “this is the only format that i think is worth playing in. it just can't be more competitive then this. when you need to have players like Methot and Pouliot to get to the top, you know that is a tough as it gets. So everyone looking for a challenge, THIS IS THE LEAGUE FOR YOU !!!!
    for all the rest of you wankerz... steer clear :)…”(alexander m)

    “...I can vouch for the toughness of this group! Unless you love hockey, love hockey stats, love to talk, eat and sleep hockey this is not for you. I have worked my way up to Masters and am now entering my third season as a master. I can truly tell you that it is worth the blood, sweat and tears. The managers in masters are ELITE. I have been a part of many other leagues and can truly say that I consider this as being the toughest in the game!!! So if you think you have what it takes to go up against some of the greatest hockey minds in fantasy hockey this is for you. The Strained Resources is truly an exclusive family of die hard hockey fans...if you know your hockey and want to test yourself against the best: SIGN UP!!!” (Demonic Tutor)

    As so many of our members have stated, these leagues are for the complete diehard fantasy hockey players only! This is a daily commitment. If you play in a whimsical way, you will crash and burn in this format. I cannot emphasize this enough…Every year, we have a fall-out of a handful of players because their time & energy can’t be committed as they KNOW they need to utilize in order to succeed in these leagues. Hence, the reason we have openings, now…as of THIS moment, we have 9 openings for the 198 teams needed for our tiers.

    …you MUST go to the group website to review the many assorted reference materials that are available there in the FILES link. If you rely on conventional thinking regarding your draft strategy, especially by Auto Drafting your teams, you will fail…and you’ll have NO ONE to blame other than yourself! In ALL of our drafts, by the end of the 1st round, there’s a serious shortage of certain types of players that Yahoo’s auto draft formula cannot compensate for! BY DESIGN, we deliberately set it up this way, so we get a FULL draft, so it works our players to adapt on the fly…which makes for a more realistic draft scenario.

    You MUST have Microsoft Word and Excel to really be able to examine these documents. They include years of draft results history & the “draft slot process” (these two in particular will help you adopt your best strategy going forward for the draft, specifically for this format.) Also, all of the results throughout the years are available there as well.

    IF you’re interested, go to the group web page and review the above…THEN and ONLY then, submit your request to play, assuming that you’d be armed with enough knowledge, time and energy to compete on this level…


    Dr. Hook McCracken

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