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  • Tom C Tom C Aug 31, 2009 1:21 PM Flag

    Your Top 25 Fantasy Goalies

    Luongo and Brodeur- if they stay healthy.
    Lunquvist- going to have to stand on his head to get that bunch of
    overpaid stiffs into the playoffs. If he does, should be
    considered for the Hart trophy.
    Thomas- reigning Vezina trophy winner playing on possibly this
    years President trophy winners. Move him up.
    Kipper- A bad year last year. Don't see this one being much
    better. Possibly due for an injury or two also with how
    much he's played the past few years.
    Nabokov- Probably right where he should be. Could go up or
    down from here.
    Ward- Probably won't start playing great till after Xmas when
    the wins become desperate.
    Emery- Hopefully he left his head in Russia. Just has to be
    good and not great with that team in front of him.
    S.Mason- good defensive team. Sophomore jinx? Hard to equal
    or beat last years numbers.
    Miller- going to hate life in Buffalo.
    Fleury- Stanley Cup champion. His confidence is probably
    high, move him up.
    Rinne- hard to say, probably right in this spot.
    Turco- When was the last time he did anything? He's
    Khabi- Could free-fall as well now that he's signed for three
    years. Could be great if the Oilers played better
    Huet- Hasn't carried the load for a team yet. Got a good one
    in front of him though.
    Smith- good goalie on a bad team last year. Tampa should be
    improved. I think Smith is going to steal his share of
    games as long as he doesn't lose it and injure himself.
    C.Mason- same as Smith.
    Backstrom- this is the Minnesota goalie correct and not the
    Washington center? Top 5 in every goalie category
    last year. Enough said? Minnesota is planning to
    be more offense this year because they already
    know how to play defense. Havlat gets injured, they
    go back to playing Lemaire hockey.
    Hiller- I see him moving up. At least past Turco.
    Leclaire- What a place to try and get your game back. Gonna
    see a lot of rubber in Ottawa. If that doesn't break
    him, he'll be future deadline deal for someone trying to
    make a run in the playoffs. Hmmm, possibly Philly for
    Osgood- Still getting no respect. Yet they love him in Detroit.
    Gustavson- Unproven to be on here.
    Price- The Montreal press is going to eat him alive. Oh wait,
    Deadline deal for a French Canadian goalie.
    Quick- His stock is going to rise with the improved play in front
    of him.
    Add: Thomas Vokoun.
    Craig Anderson- if Colorado switches to playing boring
    defensive hockey, he'll have good

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