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  • TOSTER7 TOSTER7 Aug 11, 2009 5:53 PM Flag

    Roto/points only

    I know the difference between Roto and H2H, but what exactly is 'points only' ?

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    • Alright, that is what I thought. I agree, points is much more fun. I have had many leagues work this way and it sounds much better than the roto. I haven't tried H2H yet, will join a couple of those this season.

      Thanks for the replies!

    • i did points only last year it is far better than roto. roto sucks ass. In points leagues You basically gains points for everything such as goals,assists,PP points, SOG, PIM, etc rather than only gaining a single point for havin the most in the category for the day. i personally hate ROTO leagues.You play against everyone at all times and it will say the points you gained on the yahoo page when you click the MY TEAM button. Here is an example of how my points league was run.

      Goal= 3points
      Assist=2 points
      +/- = .5pts
      SOG= 0.2 pts
      PP points= +1 bonus point for each category (G or A)
      faceoff win= .1 point

      Win= 6 points
      goal against= -.25
      Loss = -1
      save= 0.1 pts

      etc.............Hope this helps man i think its the best one by far things change everyday there are some days when your guys can get up to like 70 points in one night. Its cool becuz if you have one bad day you can get right back in it when your guys heat up. I personally love you can catch up quick rather than waiting a week such as H2H


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