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    1st Round Picks

    So, who are the nhl players that should be picked first round? Whos worthy of the first pick in a fantasy draft, and should it be a goalie? So much help towards who to pick first, and whether it shuld be a goalie or not and whos the best goalies? Thanks.

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    • i dont know if this is your first time but all of the players are ranked dont worry and it has differnt seperate lists of left wings right wings centers defence goalies

    • You misunderstood, it's 6 goalie categories not 6 goalies per team. Each team can only dress two goalies at a time. 6 goalie categories out of 14 categories for head to head. That makes 2 goalies worth about 40% of all the categories. Thats why I would make sure to get 2 good goalies in the first three rounds as the people in my league do the same. Anybody who knows fantasy hockey will tell you the same. As you get more experienced you'll find yourself doing the same!

    • in a league like that, i agree with you. i'm talking about your standard yahoo league that has 2 starting goalies, with ppl usually carrying 1 or 2 on the bench(i usually go with 2, especially last year when there weren't that many good lw, so i just went with a c, rw and 2 goalies on the bench. never d on the bench).
      but if there are six goalies per team, i would definately take goalies early. i still don't think i'd spend a pick on a goalie in the first 2 rounds, but after that i would. it would depend on if any of the forwards that i feel i MUST have are still available. for example, this year i WANT corey perry. i think he's this year's ryan getzlaf(almost superstar status now, will be top 15 player by the end of the year). so if it's between drafting him and say, niklas backstrom, i'd take perry. but if he wasn't available, then i'd take a goalie. although i don't want backstrom this year as minnesota will be focused more on offence and i don't know what it'll do to his save percentave and gaa. i'd rather take there offensive players like koivu or burns(i don't trust havlat).
      but in a league in which you only need 3 goalies, to wait till later can still give you ray emery, thomas vokoun and jonathan quick, which can be a nice combo of sleeper picks. although obviously i have sleeper forwards that i'm gonna wait for too, and if the sixth round comes along, and i've already drafted a c, lw, rw and 2 d, which will probably be what happens, i would definately consider taking a goalies, maybe a ryan miller, if he's still available.

    • Thomas shouldn't go Sixth overall, he won't repeat the numbers.

      1. Ovech 2. Crosby 3. Malkin 4. Luongo 5. Dastyuk 6. Brodeur 7. Zetterberg 8. Hossa 9 Nabokov 10 Iginla 11 Lecavalier 12 Kane 13 Lidstrom 14 Bouwmeester 15 Vanek 16 Spezza 17 Phaneuf 18 Nash 19 Toews 20

      This will be the year of Heatley dropping to you in the second/third round probably.....i wouldnt let him drop much lower than that

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      • Ok maybe you don't agree with last years vezna winner being worthy of a top 20 pick but can you back that up with some viable alternatives instead of this crap.
        Honestly, Hossa? Bouwmeester? Toews? Zetterberg? Vanek?

        Lets start with Toews:
        He's not even worthy of being a top ten center let alone be 20th overall. I can think of many centers I'd pick over him.
        Getzlaf,Thornton,Backstrom,Savard,M.Richards,H.Sedin, the list goes on

        He's not even playing for the first month!!!! He cant even train this summer. SURGERY. Healthy I'd rank him high but he's not even training and can't even get back till a month into the season.

        Maybe this is just a matter of opinion but I would be taking guys like Kovalchuk,Heatley, Nash, and Parise before him. Not to mention all of them before Vanek.

        I think you're giving him just a little too much credit here. How can you forget Green(best fantasy Dman), Markov,Boyle, Chara, Niedermayer, I could keep going but the list is too long and I'm already bored of this.

        I get that you don't like Thomas but even there you're forgetting some great goalies that should go in the top 20. Definitely long before some of the 2nd and 3rd tier players you mentioned!

      • Hossa is way way too high especially considering he will be missing a month with his injury.

    • Depends on the amount of GMs there are but in most leagues, I guarantee you that Luongo, Brodeur & Nabokov are gone in the 1st round. They all put up the numbers and get a lot of SO. Look at Brodeur & Luongo 5 - 6 SO's each while both being injured for a lot of the season... SO's are huge in fantasy hockey, especially Roto leagues, so they are worth a 1st round pick.

    • In the leagues I play theres 6 goalie categories out of 14. Makiing goalies have a bigger impact than defensemen. Goalies go fast in the draft and those 40 wins come in handy.

    • depends what kind of league you are in but for ROTO leagues...without a doubt I am taking Evgeni Nabokov like i did last year.....for roto league ur goalies (2 players) accounted for 5 of the 12 stats we did last year.....so 2 players make up 40% of your point total...I then took all scorers from then on and drafted khabibulin and conklin late then traded for luongo......goalies are a good trading chip to have down the road as well.(ended up trading luongo for datsyuk at the deadline)....I ended up winning my league last year so im sticking to this strategy

      i mainly took nabby over any other goalie because San jose is good for close to 50 wins a year and with heatly possibly on the way look out.....hes always good for SV% and GAA and is good for 6-7 SO a year so definately the # 1 Guy

    • Not a lot of point in speculating w/o knowing the scoring system.

    • i don't think goalies should be going in the first two rounds(at least). especially in standard yahoo leagues in which there are only 4 goalie categories as opposed to 6 for forwards, but even if your league uses different categories that make it 5x5. you can always get good goalies later, and there will also be super sleepers available as free agents (think steve mason last year). in the first two rounds, i want points. and lots of em. ovechkin, crosby, malkin, datsyuk are the top four off the top of my head.
      and also, once you get past the top players, i'd rather take a lw than c or rw, as that position is not as deep. so a guy like kovalchuk looks good to me. if he could score 40 goals last year on a team that bad, he could do it again - there's no way they won't be that bad this year(which means better +- also).

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      • Theres one flaw in your logic. There may only be 4 categories in your league for goaltending but you have only two or three goalies making up points for those categories. You have around 11+ skaters making up the rest of the 6 or so categories.
        And with the amount of goalies that are uncontested starters that will get you 40+ wins are so slim that they're gold.
        In my league with have 8 categories for scoring and 6 for goaltending. Makes goaltending super important.

    • dont listen to this guy thomas should NOT be picked 6th overall

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      • Yea the winner of last years Vesna isn't worthy of a top 6 pick.
        Tell me, who you would pick over Thomas thats an uncontested starting goaltender with stats better than Thomas's who's on a team as good as Boston that will get 40+ wins?
        Thomas won the Vesna for a reason!!!

        All sarcasm aside, who would you would pick. Really I'm interested in seeing your pick.
        I could see maybe Brodeur but with his injury last year I'd rather Thomas over him. Theres no other goalie in the league that would be worthy a spot above Thomas. I can't see picking any forwards above him that aren't already on the list either. Maybe Datsyuk depending on how you feel about him. But there's not really any other forwards out there capable of impacting your team more than a goalie can. The forwards that can are already top of the list.

      • It all depends of the stats your ligue use and of how many teams there are.

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