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    In need of a fantasy owner

    In need of someone to take over a team. Our league is a biding hockey fantasy league that basically plays all year around. The league is very fun but needs a very active owner willing to spend at least an hour a day on the pro boards site excluding the weekends. Please email me if you are interested


    TrueHomers 2009 Off-season schedule
    April.12th - Championship is awarded
    April.13th to 23rd - Post play-off "Rental" Buyout period
    (please, nothing ever gets deleted, just organized OR moved)
    April.30th - THL officially begins its 2nd year and teams can start trading again
    May.1st to 7th - Entry Draft Lottery results while League Award nominees need to be submitted
    (at the very top of the page, THL Information : TrueHomersLeague : TrueHomer Awards)
    May.8th to 11th - RFA selection
    May.12th to 29th - RFA signings
    May.30th - Teams may now begin to post retired players, any over sea signings and buy out players
    June.1st to 25th - THL Entry Draft (12hrs per pick)
    June.29th - Free Agent Biding begins!
    October.1st - Waivers are activated


    -Each franchise team must post their teams roster in the Leagues
    NHL Roster thread. It is the responsibility of each manager to
    keep thier roster updated & accurate
    -Managers must choose an existing NHL team name.
    -Being an active owner is required, daily activity is preferred
    but every other day is acceptable
    -Trades will not be reviewed by the League or its Commissioner.
    Transaction responsibility falls on that of the trading parties unless collusion is evident
    -The league Salary cap will be 100$
    -No team may EVER go over the cap or exceed its roster size
    -Each franchise team will consist of 35 players. Each
    teams players will be divided into 25 players for the NHL
    team & 10 players for their "minor affiliate/farm system"
    no team is able to have any more active players than this
    amount at any given time.

    -To be eligible for "active" roster status, a player must
    be called up into a teams NHL roster (25 players). If an
    owners NHL roster is full, then BEFORE the team can call
    up a player, they will either have to buy-out, trade or
    send down a player(s) to their "minors" in a transaction post.

    -Any player is eligible to be sent down to the "minors"

    -If a player being sent down to the "minors" has played
    over 100 regular season games in the NHL, then they must be placed
    on a 1 day waiver, prior to being sent down to the teams "minor"
    roster. During this period of time, any team can option
    to pick up this player(s) at the players current salary.
    All transactions/movement of players must be posted under the league's "Transaction" board.

    -Any player placed on IR still has thier contract count
    towards their teams cap

    -Each franshise must post their teams roster in the Leagues
    Roster board and it is the responsibility of each owners
    to keep the roster updated & accurate. If caught cheating,
    that owner may lose players, draft picks or be kicked out
    of the league without warning.

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