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  • Steven Steven Apr 13, 2009 9:30 AM Flag

    Very Poor Yahoo Format ….. Did you have an experience like this?

    By the very structure of the yahoo scoring system it’s to the managers’ advantage to make a lot of moves. How would you like to play in a winners’ league where the winning team (in my league) made 300 moves. This is not hockey but an exercise in how much time you’re able to waste behind the computer. I’m ashamed to say that during the final 2 weeks I stooped to his level by making 75 moves just to keep pace with him. And I almost beat him, but to be honest with you I’m relieved I lost. That way I won’t be tempted to play in another league next year, in fact I won’t play yahoo hockey at all again. This is the worst experience I ever had playing fantasy sports. Yahoo needs to revise their format for hockey by either limiting the number of moves or by placing a maximum on the number of games played by position.

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    • i dunno what the bitch is about...it's to the commish discretion to set up the rules (ie max moves)...if there is none, then one can expect that kind of player cycling for the idiot who thinks that it's an honourable way to win....usually there will be a max. amount of moves...around 60 to 80 to allow for injuries and the occasional flash in the pan or surprise...Moreover, in my own 2 league, i forbid player cycling...if i see some guys do that, they are warned...and if it keeps up, I boot then out...clean and simple...find yourself some league with a max amount of player movement and that will settle your gripe....don't blame Yahoo, all they do is provide the tool, it's what we do with it that either screws up things or make it interesting....

      Some of you guys always blame Yahoo for all kind of stuff...like the IR listings etc....

    • If you play Yahoo, join a league that restricts the number of moves. There are lots of private leagues that do this. Otherwise take if for what it is: A simple fantasy format. I don't have time to make five or six moves a day. That is way too serious for me (I would rather watch hockey). If it is not fun why do it. Just because a guy makes a ton of moves does not mean he will win.

      Or join a league elsewhere. Try a keeper league or a CAP league. The strategy of these leagues is a lot harder than filling a roster with players. It sometimes takes years to build a team and you have to know prospects. These are where you will find the true hockey fans playing anyway. I am not saying there are not true fans in Yahoo. But they are mixed in with a lot of fantasy players that don't have a clue about the NHL.

    • Steve, I'm sure someone said this already, but to end it: you CAN change the rule (as a commish) to limit moves, trades and amount of games each position plays. You can even limit moves or trades to like 3 times a week or have a trade/move deadline. Just explore the options.

    • I made over 700 moves and won my league...
      it took a lot of "management" time...i agree...but i played to win...
      i would be equally...if not more happy to play a system where a max was implemented...
      it would take less of my time...but it should be optional.
      but many people here forget that this league is about managing the team...not falling in love with good players in real life...

    • I made over 700 moves and won my league...
      it took a lot of "management" time...i agree...but i played to win...
      i would be equally...if not more happy to play a system where a max was implemented...
      it would take less of my time...but it should be optional.
      but many people here forget that this league is about managing the team...not falling in love with good players in real life...

    • I would suggest you join a league next season that limits moves. I personally would like to find a league where managers are making moves everyday. It forces you to be an active player. It also is a real plus for those that put out the effort to know the players in the league.
      What I really dislike is managers that abandon their team. It happens way to often where after about a month a team makes no moves, or line-up changes for the rest of the season. Why bother joining a league if you're not going to play.
      I don't like leagues where very few moves are allowed. Your whole is pretty much done as soon as the draft is over. You are forced to hold on to your moves in case you lose a player for a long time because of an injury. Wheres the challenge in just moving your players on or of the bench depending if they are playing.

    • I don't play H2H leagues, but I think anyone who complains about streaming and says it doesn't require management skill is dead wrong. Drafting a team and sitting on that team the entire year requires less management skill than changing up your roster each day or week. Drafting a great team is not management skill...it's GM skill. Playing a winning team day in and day out requires management skill.

      And consider this...changing out your team each night doesn't mean you're going to win. You still have to make all the right decisions. Who to drop, who not to drop. You can't win a pool by playing junk players each day of the week simply because you're maxing out your team. You still have to pick the right players, while knowing who you should keep in order to prevent your opposing managers from benefiting from your dropped star player.

      If you don't like streaming, then play leagues where max games are set or play roto, as I do. In roto, there are no game advantages for anybody...you all get the same number of games per position as everybody else.

      More power to the manager who actually made the right decisions and was able to play the best team throughout the season.

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      • Hey Crazy8, changing out a team every night requires 0 management skills. I’m not talking about sitting on the same team all year, I’m talking about streaming. In my league I made 75 moves during the year but I never streamed once. During the playoffs, I made 75 moves in 2 weeks, and I streamed every day. Believe me Crazy 8 I know the difference. And the reason I streamed, was not to win a championship but to make a travesty out of the finals. Streaming in hockey gives you an advantage, you are almost assured of winning. The result of streaming has nothing to do with skill but is 100 percent luck. As for Roto I didn’t know about max games and will take your advice on that next year.

    • Don't let the proverbial fantasy door hit you right in your crybaby ars!

    • Absolutely nothing wrong with the format or the concept. Maybe, just maybe if somebody looked at the league rules before they signed up they wouldn't have all these problems.

      If you look at the Commissioner tools Yahoo Leagues can be customized to create just about any type of league imaginable. Head-to-Head or Rotisserrie, customizable # of teams, customizable trade rules, waiver rules, no drop lists, scoring categories and bench compsition and sizes just to name a few. This is just about the most flexible system around for fantasy hockey leagues and I've tried several.

      Instead of whining about how you lost and how it's not fair why not get off your Butt and create a league that you would like to see and let others join and whine about what a rotten league you created! :-)

    • Like someone else suggested, go roto for public leagues. Excessive streamers use up their moves long before the end and can just watch as others pass them on the home stretch. Some will stream a position or two and then try to trade for what they lack, but trading in public leagues is tricky (too many absent managers) and it's still not possible to add/drop daily - and win.

      For H2H league: find a custom league through the message boards here and suggest settings changes with the commish pre-draft, or create one yourself with exactly the settings you want. Having max. moves per week combined with max. moves per season is a streamer-killer and can end up pretty IRL-like.

      Do NOT play H2H in a public league if you don't wanna look at the free agent list every day. Streamers will win and the others in the league will complain about it, then streamers defend themselves, back and forth, mood-killer all season long.
      I'll play any rules, but prefer streaming a few roster spots on my team if possible. Keeps me interested and not completely draft-dependant.

      Yahoo Fantasy has flaws, aside from the big ones in public leagues there's a few cheating custom league commishes and what not, but with some prep-work, genuine interest and luck it can be fun, free and competitive all at once.
      My main gripe with Yahoo are all the "managers" who sign up and then do nothing. Seeing NA:s and IR:s in active rosters while solid scorers or goalies sit idly on some bench irks me to no end.
      Finally, if someone prefers a somewhat static roster in the H2H format, it only takes a few minutes and can be done days, even weeks, ahead to move players up and down from the bench so they at least get the starts they should get. Life does have a tendency to get in the way of even fantasy obsession, after all.

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