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  • Strangel Strangel Apr 12, 2009 10:17 AM Flag

    Is it "cheating" if . . .

    Okay, so I'm playing in a Yahoo public H2H league. I'm playing for the championship, and I have taken liberties with the public rules. Basically, I have used 36 forwards/defensemen and six goaltenders during the period of Mar 30th - Apr 12th. I have regularly turned over 50% of my roster each night in the last week to amass as many games as possible.

    Shocker of shockers, my opponent is now crying foul. Hell, they've even accused me of selling my soul to the devil. Really! Do I really care? No. But I always get offended when people label somebody as a cheater when they are playing within the predefined rules. Is what I did chintsy? Sure. Is it cheating? Nope.

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    • You play to win... If it helps your team do it. There is a small violin playing for the losers.

    • I enjoy playing against someone that makes a lot of moves. It makes you think and forces you to use all the resources at your disposal. It is a lot better than playing against a team that has been abandoned by it's managerhich happens way too many times.

    • You are the type of player that keeps me from playing in H2H leagues except with people I know.

      I played a guy who did the same thing after an entire season of making 6 or so roster moves, then in the finals he made 30. Also, it is a bit easier in the final week, as there are only 2 people left playing, so there is no external competition for the FA market.

      Technically, you are right, it is not cheating, but it seems a bit sad that people would use a loophole in the rules to gain a trophy made of pixels.

    • no ,its not its called paying attention, people who like the sport play to win , im sorry people arn't smart enough to take advantage. and for anyone who does not like it ,thats why you were crushed in the championship. real hockey fans play to the end and don't give up on their team first or last.

    • Tell the guy that's crying to stick it...

      You're playing by THE RULES!
      Every league has different rules, you gotta adapt.

      If he's so worried about games played, he should be right there with you, fighting for the best available FA's that are playing the next night.

    • Cheez...I've done the same thing all year long. It's legal. It's how I built my team and it's how I too won a public league championship in my first ever try. I like the rules, as it brings out the competitive spirit of those who want to succeed. I wish the other components of my league would've done the same. If you're not trying to win, you're trying to lose...it's just that simple. Congratulations on your league victory.

    • If you don't like it, find a league that restricts playoff roster changes. Simple. Otherwise, play to win! Outmaneuver the other guy! A win is a win!

    • Not cheating. I am not a huge fan of the guys that do it all year. I play head-to-head and if I am losing a match I will drop/add players for the amount of games or a scoring category. What the heck do you have to lose. It is the fantasy way of pulling your goalie. If you don't like it play in leagues the limit the number of moves..

    • Not cheating. I do it to max my games per position. If I run out of games for RW, and I have extra games at the end of the year for D, I'll add lots of D to make sure their games will max mine. What would be chinsy, would be if u picked up and dropped a player so noone else could pick him up because of the waiver waiting period.

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      • I enjoy adding/dropping players and did so from the start of the season. It's within the written Rules. Those who think there should be a higher standard and cry about it, I hope they used the Yahoo feedback to express their opinions and next time join a custom league. As for my friend from the aforementioned Winner's League 2688 (I'm Mr. 300), I think it's worse to be a hypocrite. Please, up at 3 am every night for 2 weeks to move 6 guys in & out of their lineup just to play at my level. Complain that they only did it to compete with me? He forgets that during the semi's he used this technique to beat the guy who actually drafted great (only 6 moves all season & finished 3rd for those who appreciate that).

    • Lol! I was playing in the championship and the guy I was playing thought the final was only one week long and not two weeks long so he decided to drop a bunch of good players and a goalie to get fillers or F/A for Sunday the 5th to try and catch and beat me. Needless to say he was quite shocked to find out the championship was two weeks and I picked up his best players and goalie he dropped. By the way the goalie he dropped got me three wins and a shutout in the second week leading me to a solid victory over him. If you are going to do this, make sure you know all the details.

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