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  • Sakic19 Sakic19 Apr 13, 2009 3:14 AM Flag

    Is it "cheating" if . . .

    You haven't broken any rule...BUT..I would still argue that if you had to resort to those kind of tactics to win, then you're no champion.

    I am a firm believer in the old adage of "the best managers are proven in the draft" and if you don't have the talent to compete head to head and win, then what's the point? Winning for the sake of winning? Or would you rather win proving that you're a smart manager who added a few surprise players, but kept the team you originally drafted.

    Like I said originally, it's not cheating and congratulations on winning your pool. However you wanted opinions and this one is pretty hard to argue against because any counter argument will involve winning by any means necessary, which further strengthens my original argument of lack of managerial skill.

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    • finally some one that gets it.

    • Yes you need to draft well but I think the best managers live on the waiver wire. Whenever I win I find 4-5 really players on the wire.

    • Huh? So you draft, then wait 26 weeks to see where you stand, only changing out players that get hurt?

      Managing by definition is using whatever resources (FA Market, Trades, Bench, Waiver Limits) you have to accomplish your goal (Winning).

      As a first time F-Hockey manager, I've never participated (20 team league) in anything as mentally stimulating as 26 weeks of H2H Competition. Streaming players is part of the chess match that makes it fulfilling.

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      • Why bother drafting then? Seriously, the idea behind this type of pool is to manage a team. It's not a team if you change the roster every week.
        Theres specific pools for streamers, sportsnet has one. You pick your roster every week. It's gay but atleast newb's get to feel like they know something.
        The skill involved in managing a team in a fantasy type system like this is supposed to replicate owning a team yourself. You dont just drop and pick up players every day based on when they're playing. Amateurish if you ask me.


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