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  • RM RM Apr 12, 2009 8:16 PM Flag

    Is it "cheating" if . . .

    This isn't "Real" hockey. This is a game related to hockey and made to resemble the decisions a real manager makes. But if you played this game assuming the rules that apply to real hockey (should) apply to fantasy sports, then you don't really understand the game.

    You should play the strategy that maximizes your probability of winning the game, given the parameters of the game. If the rules/parameters change, modify your strategy accordingly. But don't let someone tell you that because this isn't the way it's done in "real" hockey, that it somehow it's off limits.

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    • Exactly!!! I concur. I had more fun being able to stack my team in the league that had only 8 managers, no waivers w/ the most possible skaters for scoring than I did in the leagues that had two or one day waivers, only one or two utility players as well they were overwrought with managers.

      The person I beat in the championship went from the bottom to playing me for the trophy because they had made almost 600 moves and actually made it close!

      It's far more fun and exciting that way as people with better knowledge of the players, the game and how they and their teams are doing game in and game out.

      Those people will always have the advantage because they pay attention to all games and players, not just stats.

      The ebb and flow of hockey is something that fantasy hockey allows us as managers to follow and I'm sure the envy of real General Managers and Coaches, as we can make necessary changes to our rosters as need be.


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