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    Winning by games played

    So I'm in a pool and I want others opinions on this.

    My pool is a rotisary pool and collects stats for Goals, Assists, +/-, PP points, SH points, PIM, Wins, GAA, SV% and Shutouts. The commissioner set max. games played high so nobody had to deal with maxing out their roster spots. There is no cap on how many moves one can make.

    The issue I have is that I drafted a good team. I have Ovechkin, Carter, Sharp, Alfredsson, Gionta, Chara, Wideman, Gonchar, Niedermayer, Campbell, Kronwall, Stafford, Timonen, Hartnell, Weiss, Kesler, Price, Thomas, Miller and Hiller.

    Another person in the league drafted quite a garbage team so what he does is pick up available players everyday in order to have a roster spot filled each and every day. He then drops those players and picks up a new crop of players playing the next day. He has been doing this for quite a few months now. Unfortanetly I don't have a team full of crap players that I can just drop in order to have a guy playing the next day.

    He so far has a total of 1549 man-games played while I have 1339. He leads in goals, is pretty high in assists, PIM, PP points and SHP's. Currently he sits .5 points ahead of me after taking over a couple categories based on games played. I used to have a very wide margin in Wins, however the fact that he has been picking up goalies that are starting then dropping them for another starter, he has now taken over the lead.

    His team so far consists of Ott, Ribeiro, Ruutu, Avery, Whitney, Backes, Hejduk, Boys, Streit, Vandermeer, Lidstrom, Babchuk, Upshall, Stortini, Kovalchuck, Exelby, Rivet, Nash, Ward, Backstrom, Khabibulin. He so far has made over 220 roster moves to my 13, of which 10 or so were made due to injury.

    Does anybody else feel this is a very cheap way to try and win a pool?

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    • the only reason i say it's not cheap is because it isn't breaking the rules...the league was set up shitty.

      max games has a very big part in making the manager.

    • I feel your pain as I lost one year due to the same maximizing of games played.
      There is the other side of the story though. I am in a league where games played was set to 82 games per position. With a 5 player bench this means that you either sit your players when they could be playing or you max out on games played before the season is over. I maxed out all my forward positions in early March and dropped from 3rd to 10th as my good forwards points weren't counted.
      There has to be a good mid-point for maximum games like
      - the low standard should be 82 games per position, including bench positions
      - the medium standard should be 100 games per position (including bench positions) to allow for some team management to get the most games played
      - the unlimited standard would be wide open, but you need to allow for larger benches to allow those teams with a good top 10 to hold on to those players while moving in and out the next 6 players

    • Like it or not, daily transaction leagues with no max games and no max moves are begging for this type of management. If you don't like it, make sure your league sets maximums or has weekly roster changes.

    • What are rules for?

    • Looking at your roster your team isnt that good why wouldnt you drop some players and just rotate them. Stafford sucks, sharps injured, gionta is play shitty, and hartnell is cold.. get rid of those guys and why do you have 7 D and 7 F?? If a decent player was able to play twice as many games as a good player wouldnt you take the decent player.

      This is my team
      C- Roy, Toews, Richards, Pavelski
      RW - Gaborik, Havlat, Zherdev
      LW - Vanek
      D - Neidermeyer, Kronwall, Gonchar
      G- Luongo , Nabokov

      The rest of guys i just flip. like right now i got guerin and connoly

    • no it's not cheap. it's part of the rules. you're an idiot for not doing it yourself!

    • To play cheap is to break the rules. Its not possible to play cheap in fantasy sports! Granted you could stalk the real players and slash their wrists or steal other ppls passwords and screw with their teams but I digress. If the NHL didn't set a max of 82 games the teams would go out and play as many as they could in the 7 months given; and as many as possible vs teams like COL and NYI. Its the rules of your league which you don't agree with. No max games??? Blame the commish and give that guy an A for effort. :P Hopefully they are not one in the same. Next year find a league, or create one, that suits how you want to play.

      Reminds me of the time I was in a pts league where faceoffs and goals against were heavily overrated. I told my buddy who was the commish to make the pts more balanced using stats from the year before. He didn't and using the previous year's stats I drafted Brind'Amour and dropped all my goalies. I won in a landslide.

    • I agree that churning is a cheap way to play. As others have said, joining a league where there is a limit on adds/drops per season is a good way to avoid this.

      In public H2H leagues, I won last season and will win again this season against managers who churn. If you want to be a pain in the butt to the churning manager, I recommend doing the following:

      1. Beat them at their own game. Sometimes if you can't beat them you need to join them... sort of. Pick an underperforming player on your roster that is a spare part kind of player (not like a Crosby who had an off week) and drop that player for another player that plays the most games that week in a position that you have available on those days or would stock him in over other players on your roster. This way, you are not screwing around adding and dropping every day, just maxing out your roster for the week during the playoffs. This, IMO, is a more effective way than to add/drop daily.

      2. A more obnoxious method is to, on a day or two before you would expect them to be churning a lot of players, do step 1 above but do it differently:
      a. Pick the player you want to drop.
      b. Pick the player you want to pick up based on the guidelines in step 1.
      c. Drop the player you want to drop for a good player that the churning manager would be likely to pick up that plays tomorrow.
      d. Drop the player you just picked up for another player meeting the same guidelines.
      e. Do it again.
      f. And again...
      g. And so on...
      h. Finally, drop the player you last picked up for the player you originally wanted.
      i. Notice that all the players you dropped are now on a waiver period. The churning manager can't pick them up. Unfortunately, neither can anyone else, which may cause others in your league to pitch a fit.

      I haven't tried step 2 before and it's probably somehow against the rules according to Yahoo!, but imagine the irritation you cause the manager who's churning...

    • We had the same problem with a player in our yearly league. Solved it by setting max roster move to 60.There is also a maximum number of trades but that was never a problem since we have a veto system. We also have a limit of games played per positions set to 82 games. So 2 Centers have a maximum of 164 games total.

      Some will argue that having no roster move limit and no game max played is no problem at all, that making 220 moves in a year is ok and not cheap. Im just wondering why 11 out of 12 players in our league thought it was. Im also wondering why no NHL team make 220 moves in a year. its really a matter of opinion on this one, some will say its cheap while others wont but im pretty sure the majority of pool players on yahoo find it to be cheap, though I dont have any numbers to support this.

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      • I agree its a cheap way to win. Like someone else said, you have to carefully read the settings before you join a league (and hope the commish doesn't change them before the season starts- one of my leagues was changed from Rotisserie to Points after the draft and before the season).

        In my Rotisserie league the commish dropped the max games limit (also after the draft!), but no one in this league has done that. I was in the lead all year, but now my lead is down to 5 points so I'm getting nervous.

        In my H2H leaugue, some guy decided that come playoff time he was going to churn his players every day. His rational was that he hadn't maxed out on the # of moves allowed for the SEASON, so it was ok. He eventually got locked out because after some people protested, he said some stupid things in the messages and the whole league turned to chaos.

        The best way to avoid this in my opinion is to have max moves or max moves per week. In H2H leagues it should be agreed before hand that the max moves will be changed for the playoffs (a few per week for instance) to prevent churning.

        Churning sucks. It takes the fun out of it. Its mindless and it favors people with too much time on their hands. I spend a lot of time everyday checking my lineups, but I don't want to spend even more time looking for playes to pick and drop just so I can keep up with the Jone's.


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