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  • Alex Alex Apr 9, 2009 4:57 PM Flag

    Winning by games played

    I agree that churning is a cheap way to play. As others have said, joining a league where there is a limit on adds/drops per season is a good way to avoid this.

    In public H2H leagues, I won last season and will win again this season against managers who churn. If you want to be a pain in the butt to the churning manager, I recommend doing the following:

    1. Beat them at their own game. Sometimes if you can't beat them you need to join them... sort of. Pick an underperforming player on your roster that is a spare part kind of player (not like a Crosby who had an off week) and drop that player for another player that plays the most games that week in a position that you have available on those days or would stock him in over other players on your roster. This way, you are not screwing around adding and dropping every day, just maxing out your roster for the week during the playoffs. This, IMO, is a more effective way than to add/drop daily.

    2. A more obnoxious method is to, on a day or two before you would expect them to be churning a lot of players, do step 1 above but do it differently:
    a. Pick the player you want to drop.
    b. Pick the player you want to pick up based on the guidelines in step 1.
    c. Drop the player you want to drop for a good player that the churning manager would be likely to pick up that plays tomorrow.
    d. Drop the player you just picked up for another player meeting the same guidelines.
    e. Do it again.
    f. And again...
    g. And so on...
    h. Finally, drop the player you last picked up for the player you originally wanted.
    i. Notice that all the players you dropped are now on a waiver period. The churning manager can't pick them up. Unfortunately, neither can anyone else, which may cause others in your league to pitch a fit.

    I haven't tried step 2 before and it's probably somehow against the rules according to Yahoo!, but imagine the irritation you cause the manager who's churning...


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