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  • Jude V Jude V Mar 12, 2009 1:32 PM Flag

    Do you want to join Dynasty League?

    Dynasty League
    This will be a dynasty league. We will be participating in the 4 Major sports. Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey.

    U can keep all ur players til next season. This is almost a Keeper league

    If u dont active in 2 weeks I will replace u NO QUESTION ASK.

    U need to join 4 sports if u dont 4 sports (MLB, NBA, NFL N NHL) I will replace u

    Let me know what ur best Fantasy sports. plz rank them mine 1. NBA 2. MLB 3. NFL 4. NHL

    This is Head to Head 14 teams.

    U will take over the team. I will let u know when ur team r in and I give u waiting list number if you want to wait that long or

    Come join my new dynasty league. ESTABLISHED DYNASTY LEAGUE IS SETTING UP ANOTHER LEAGUE. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS OWNER YOU CAN APPLY If you are first place team is automatic bid for Dynasty League keeper replacement.

    here the road to go
    1. Dynasty League 4 (U need to go to 1st or 2nd or 3rd place to advance Dynasty League 3) This one is points league only
    2. Dynasty League 3 (U need to go to 1st or 2nd or 3rd place to advance Keeper Dynasty) This one is Head to Head
    3. Dynasty League 1 n 2 (This is Dynasty League Keeper)

    If u want to join I want ur


    plz email me back if u want to join

    my email is judevictorio@hotmail.com and also if u have YM let me know. I WONT RESPOND THIS MESSAGE PLZ EMAIL ME

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