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  • Radio Farva Radio Farva Feb 13, 2009 1:12 PM Flag

    Revolt against Yahoo

    bombard them with emails regarding their, put mildly, SSSLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOWW nature when updating positional eligibility, injury status, and I'm sure rookie call-ups, which will be happening soon.
    I've only been around for a week or two, I'm loving fantasy hockey, and not enjoying the tardy fashion Yahoo treats updates. If a guy has been playing a position for more than 5 games, he's eligilible. Is this ludicrious. Yahoo is constantly updating stats, and they are especially good at updating how a player performs from one opponent to the next. Minutes after the current game is over I've seen. Why can't they do the same for the rest of the aforementioned? Email them, constantly. Bombard them with the same questions. If everyone who reads these boards, they just may take action. Instead of relying and waiting for post season questionairres to be read and tallied.
    They should proactive, not reactive. Give them ALOT more of the feedback I'm sure theyve been emailed.

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    • i have been emailing them with no response. it's a joke with yahoo. yes it's only fantasy hockey, but the injury reports kill me, one minute a is listed day to day then next min he has been put on the IR.

    • 2 weeks???? not getting your moneys worth??? best idea i heard is to ban you ,if your success hinges on 1 players eligabilty your done anyway at this stage

    • thats for sure i had a guy injured did no know about it until i watch roster alert that everyone else droped them, i think they want you to buy that star tracker or something like that.

    • Why complain about his!?!? As many said, IT'S FREE!! Aren't there more important things in the world to worry about?? Crumbling economies, terrorism, war, etc?? Or are we so self-absorbed that those real issues pale in comparison to your fucking team! Oh wah....someone's not on IR. Oh wah....it took them too long to update stats for the day before. Dude, go through some real tragedy in life and that will make you realize what in the blue hell is important in life. People like you piss me off to no end! Besides personal tragedy, what about all the other crazy shit in life! 9/11 perhaps?? Did that alone not give you a greater perspective to the important things in life? Or are you such a loser that you just sit in front of you computer constantly hitting F5 to see if any one in your league has dropped someone you want?? There is more to this world that you, try experiencing some of it before you die a pitiful, lonely loser.

    • Alright, YAHOO can sometimes be slow and yes sometimes stat-tracker is wrong. BUT, they always fix it within a few hours or 24 hours at MOST. They respond when you send them feedback (I mean actual feedback, not on these message boards) and they are FREE! Oh, and PLEASE, would everyone stop bitching about YAHOO "not putting players on IR" they don't put people on IR unless the team puts them there first and it only takes them till the next day to place them there. I just don't understand why most people on here are up in arms about how YAHOO handles FANTASY hockey, take it easy.

    • I have no complaints about any of the things you mentioned. I don't think that just because a guy plays a different position a couple games doesn't mean he should necessarily get eligibility for that position.In terms of injuries, I constantly hear people complaining that such-and-such a player is injured and should be on IR. 99% of the time, it's their (real life) team that hasn't placed them on IR yet.

    • maybe if they get real mad they'll just delete your team ahaha thats funny

    • Leave them ALONE...they do this for you for FREE!!!!! UUUGH!!!! Yahoo...if you read this, most of us are pleased with you guys...YOU ROCK and THANK YOU!!!!

    • youve only been around for a couple of weeks? registration ended in november

    • Don't worry, I'm sure they get millions of emails a day already, and of course they can't read them all so it would have little impact. Like it was said earlier, this is a free pool and you can't expect it to be perfect. You could go back to doing this the old fasioned way before the internet, using paper and pens but that sure would suck! I think Yahoo pools are a lot of fun because of the way they're managed.

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