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  • Crud Crud Feb 10, 2009 1:15 PM Flag

    Greatest Captain in the NHL?

    I like how everyone missed the "currently in the NHL"

    I would by far say Iginla is the best captain in the NHL based on individual standards.
    He is a top flight performer, willing to throw a beat down on anyone to light a spark and doesnt have to say a word after the fight just 1 glance and the team knows to get off their horses cuz they have 5 minutes to change the game or hes going to be pissed. please name 1 other captain that does the things he does on the ice.
    in a very very close second tho is Chara. alot of grit, point producing in your face defenceman. puts fear into anyone on the ice jsut by standing up on the bench.

    can we see a Iggy vs Chara fight lasting longer than the recent UFC event

    of all time, its really tough, so many high class captains, Stevie and his leadership to the start of the detroit dynasty, Messier and his formitable rise as an elite player through edmonton. Or how about The rocket who captained the Canadiens to 5 consecutive cups

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    • Finally someone said Chara. He may not be the flashy scoring type but Boston already has enough power up front. Chara produces points and plays pretty good D (plus he scares goalies when he takes a slap shot from the point on the PP). He also plays physical and will ALWAYS stick up for teammates.

    • HaHa... reading this is fun! (So many levels of stupidity)

      My vote goes to Sakic: he lead the Avs through their 'glory years', gave Canada an Olympic Gold Medal, and an all around "nice guy". He stuck with Colorado long after they stopped being a contender when he could have gone anywhere else. He's the class of the league. They're already shining up his plaque at the Hall for him.

      I'm amazed I haven't seen Sundin's name pop up yet... I mean, somone did suggest Langenbrunner..... :-D


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