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  • heres my team WAT SHOULD I DO??







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    • I can't believe this team is real are you in a 25 team league? The yahoo default would have drafted a better team give it up now and don't waste your time there is nothing you can do 2 even hope 2 compete.

    • drop Lang

    • Trade your d away, it's the only selling point you have. Someone in the league must be weak at D and strong at forward/G whatever. Get what you can from that and try to finish second last.

    • wow...u should either try trading Brodeur or forfeit the year
      btw - Lang doesnt play RW

    • You pretty much need to start from scratch. Check the power rankings and sort it by total points in the last month then take the highest available players. This might help but I doubt you;ll be challenging for the lead anytime soon.

    • okkkkkkkkkkk

      u say u need MAD help.

      im borderline insane....time to goto work

      first things first: u either need a watch list or to pay attention (and THATS real attention) to names that can help u in either goals/assists.

      i say this cause bobby ryan is prolly gone now. anyhow.

      all ur categories should be up for grabs. so if u need a pim guy

      go for raitis ivans (sp).....violence is his middle name. just cut him loose when he goes into a slump. asham is a thought. davidson (vancouver) among other names.


      ur a fan.....

      oh well


      goalies is a push cause all the vogue names are gone

      elliott is a thought

      nitty is a thought

      quick is a thought.

      thas bout it.

      gl in ur search though.

    • Okay, first things first fill your roster. It looks like you have a couple vacancies. My suggestions would be for Robidas first. Then Mcleod I guess. That should at least fill the roster.
      Now for the cutting - drop hecht and cullen for campbell and lombardi, drop chad larose and replace him with anybody else - maybe Glencross. I think your RW is as good as you can get, Recchi is finally picking up the pace, and the other 3 are probably your best players. But if recchi drops off again I think clarkson is playing ok. On D drop boucher - replace with O'Brien. Now, are you sure you have no other choices for goal? Are there any other goalies at all available? If so pick one up as a number one priority. (as long as he will see a reasonable amount of ice time) Goal is the key.
      Well, that's all I got. I'm sorry it's not great but it might help a little at least. Let me know how it goes or if this helps at all. Check with some of the other guys and see what they think.

    • Need to see your F/A list look for Ryan From Ducks he is usually not takin in most leagues and is comin up strong as of late

    • If you can get me more details (your full team and top FA available) I"ll be happy to see what I can do.

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      • that is my whole team Expart and heres a list of all athe free FA's

        Niklas Kronwall
        (Det - D)

        Ryan Whitney
        (Pit - D)

        Keith Ballard
        (Fla - D)

        Matt Carle
        (Phi - D)

        David Clarkson
        (NJ - RW)

        Stephane Robidas
        (Dal - D)

        Shane O'Brien
        (Van - D)

        Colby Armstrong
        (Atl - RW)

        Marek Svatos
        (Col - RW)

        Cody McLeod
        (Col - LW)

        Fedor Tyutin
        (Cls - D)

        Ian Laperriere
        (Col - RW) IR

        Alexander Edler
        (Van - D)

        B.J. Crombeen
        (StL - RW)

        Matthew Lombardi
        (Cgy - C)
        Ruslan Fedotenko
        (Pit - LW) IR

        Paul Martin
        (NJ - D)
        Curtis Glencross
        (Cgy - LW)

        Jakub Voracek
        (Cls - RW)

        Mason Raymond
        (Van - LW)

        Sergei Samsonov
        (Car - LW)

        Steve Reinprecht
        (Pho - C)

        Dominic Moore
        (Tor - C)

        Gregory Campbell
        (Fla - C)

        Valtteri Filppula
        (Det - C)

    • this team doesn't even seem real to me. 1st round pick Brodeur 2nd round pick... kaberle? and besides those two your whole team is FA worthy. so unless you drafted gaborik, morrow, mcdonald, kariya then i don't know how you ended up like this.

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