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  • Paul Paul Jan 12, 2009 6:08 PM Flag


    i just got this offer..
    kopitar, ray whitney, franzen, lidstrom
    crosby, semin (my side)
    i need help in goals but im pretty good in most of other stats (but goals, ppg, gwg)
    ..im also weak on d and could use help the wings (really solid on centers)
    ..if i were to accept i would be dropping liles and rolston/michalek
    ....i think i can get more..so.. heres his team..
    datsyuk, kopitar, parise, whitney, setogouchi, franzen, hemsky, doan, kozlov, filatov, lidstrom, kronwall, visnovsky, osgood, bryzgalov, anderson, roloson
    ..i could use a goalie aswell
    im only willing to trade crosby and semin and maybe one of my goalies if he throws in one (hiller, giguere, halak, conklin)- most likely halak
    .......all opinions welcomed.....

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    • Crosby Semin Halak for

      Doan Parise Lidstrom Bryzgalov

      You need LWs, yours aren't so hot.

    • your in 2nd if it ain't broke don't fix it go smaller like SEMin for whitney and lidstrom

    • Do Datysuk, Kopitar, Lidstrom, and Doan for Crosby and Semin... Doan gives you a LW/RW like Semin only he stays healthy. Datysuk and Lidstrom for Crosby.. and Kopitar just to round it out a bit more. I'd call it fair, but I dunno if i'd do it.

    • Where to start, lol
      1st of all don't get Halak, why would you want him? He's back to the bench when Price is healthy.
      If ANYTHING, go for Conklin - he's great in DET, or even Hiller - at least he gets lots of starts for a backup in ANA.

      2nd.... You're giving up the best C in fantasy hockey... For Kopitar in return.. Jeez, I wish you were in my league.
      At the very least, ask for Datsyuk in this deal instead of Kopitar.

      3rd... Semin for Whitney/Franz? If you're not gettin Dats, you better be getting Parise/Franz at the least!

      Kopitar isn't GREAT this season; Whitney is hot/cold on a terrible offensive team...

      I like Lidstrom but you should be getting Dats and/or Parise if you are giving up a consensus top 3 fantasy hockey pick in ANY league!!

      All that said, I like the fact you gettin rid of Semin... Bound to get injured again.

      I'd shoot high and go for Dats, Parise, Franz, Lidstrom lol.
      See what he counters with.. Or add in Conklin for a goalie on your team as well..

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      • marty,
        i think u misunderstood my post
        .. first of all, im the one with halak, hiller, giguere and conklin so i want to trade halak (he might fall for it since hes a big crosby fan and has been trying to trade for him all season)
        .... secondly, im not even considering accepting this trade, im not an idiot, i know my hockey
        .. with all that said thanks for the aim high advice but hes a tough negotiator (like myself) we have been trying to work out trades since the beginning of the season, so it might be tough, im looking for fair trade ideas for both ends

    • anyone??


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