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  • Evan R Evan R Dec 22, 2008 3:01 PM Flag

    Marleau and Parise for Hossa and Getzlaf

    Who wins in this trade?

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    • yes i agree in that sense they are like bikinis. i agree they are definitley important but not everything.

      but again i have to say that crosby, ovechkin and malkin are in a different class than the rest of the league. carter is amazing but will never be as good as those 3, he's more in the second or third wave of top players like heatley, getzlaf, etc.
      could you imagine a team with crosby, getzlaf, perry, mike richards, carter, phaneuf, weber, coburn and p bergeron? oh wait that was canada's roster at the 05 world juniors. who wore the C? mike richards, who had an A? jeff carter.

    • I appreciate the civil tone as well - far too often people just start calling people names if they don't share the same opinion. I hear you on the stats - I watch a lot of hockey (unfortunately not a lot of western games since I'm in the east), and judge players largely on what I think of them and their play more than on their stats. I try to balance this out by keeping an eye on how everyone's doing stat-wise, because going too far in either direction is detrimental. But, stats are like bikini's: they're show a lot, but don't reveal everything. Too many people rely on stats far too much.

      I hear what you're saying about Carter, but my answer would be yes. He is less valuable this year than he would be 2 years from now when he's a proven 50 goal scorer. Not to the team itself, or the outcome of your fantasy match-ups - but I don't think that anyone right now would trade Carter straight up for crosby, malkin or ovechkin. If he scored 50+ goals three years in a row, I'm sure he'd be considered as one of those top-tier players - so in that respect, he'd have more value because he'd have proven himself to be as good as those players year in, year out. The only thing that he's proven this year is that he's a hell of a player who's having a great year, and is keeping pace with the big three. If he does it again next year, then it might be the big 4. If he does it again the year after that, it will definately be the big four, based on the fact that's he's proven he should be considered amongst those players.

      Sorry for the delay in response - I figured I should go out tonight and start my Christmas shopping!!! Have a good holiday - thanks for the civil argument!

    • i appreciate the legitimate counter-argument(s) in your post rather than most people who would either just not re-post or would re-post spitting out more meaningless garbage

      i just want to expand on one thing. i'm not saying you are guilty of this - although maybe you are - but a lot of people who use the "proven player theory", strictly just look at stats and that is how they judge how good players are and make their predictions. for example people say setoguchi is just having a good start and is really a nobody and isnt proven, etc. but anyone who has actually seen him play AT LEAST one full game would actually know that he has great speed (one of the fastest in the league), great shot, is smart, can make plays and get open, etc. and is actually a great player and will keep up his great year and have a great career. they basically say he isnt vey good and because they have never heard of him because he doesnt have much hype and doesnt have past nhl numbers to back him up. same with phil kessel whose year is far from a fluke, same with m richards and carter last year and kane last year too (balckhawks werent a great team last year)... someone like clowe on the other hand, is a very good player but if you have actually seen him play and dont just look at his stats you would know that while he is a very good player and worth owning on alost any fantasy team (which is why i drafted him) is definitley not as good as his numbers say and despite clowes numbers i would for example take someone like pominville over clowe any day because pominville is a much more skilled player with more potential

      the reason i say hossa and getzlaf win this trade is because as good as marleau is hossa is better (both play on great teams so that doesnt really work as an argument here) and i like getzlaf more than parise; parise will get more goals and they are both highly skilled but getzlaf is one of the best in the league, hossa and getz will also get more PIM although i dont really pay attention to that stat, but still i would say that hossa and getzlaf only win by a small margin and it's not really that significant of a trade

      oh and one more thing about proven players; no one comes into the league as a 100 point nhl player, ovechkin wasnt a 65 goal scorer before last year, you really have to atcually watch guys to see/predict their potential, carter has never scored 50 goals before but does that mean he is less valuable this year becuase he is not a prven 50 scorer than he would be next year or 2 years from now when he is a proven 50 goal scorer?

    • easy call. Marleau and Parise wins. no question. both leading their teams in scoring and ice time for forwards. marleau is getting more time than thornton. that should tell you something.

    • Hossa and Getzlaf are more proven scorers... Marleau has never played this well before and Parise is in a breakout year. I'd say Hossa and Getzlaf are the better options... Marleau and Parise haven't established themselves for an entire year yet (Getzlaf hasn't either you could probably argue) but Hossa is a no doubt 40 goal, 80-90 point guy playing with guys like Datsyuk, Zetterberg and even Johan Franzen.

    • whoever is getting Hossa and Getzlaf, that is.

    • i'd much rather have getzlaf and hossa

    • Hossa/Getzlaf side wins. no question.

    • marleau and parise win.
      getzlaf = 37pts, hossa = 33pts
      marleau = 37pts, parise = 40 pts.
      look at the stats. its obvious. THEN AGAIN.....datsyuk has really turned it on in detroit so you should see an increase in hossa's stats. how large that increase will be is anyones guess. i would still take the marleau side.

    • the person giving up Hossa, I hope thats you cause if not your a dumb butt.

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