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  • Duane Duane Dec 19, 2008 3:03 PM Flag

    Trade controversy! Heatley & Kovalev for...

    Heatley and Kovalev for Bill Guerin & Todd White. This deal went down today in our 16 team H2H league and folks are upset and are calling for the trade to be reversed.

    What do you think?

    +/- and pim shots on goal are not categories in this league.

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    • If it was early in the season, it would be a bad trade, but considering there are just a few games left, OTT and Heatly have cooled, Kovalev is one of the biggest dissapointments of the year, and White and Geurin are both playing well, it's not so outrageous that it should be veoted.

    • Right now it is not a bad trade.... Guerin has been okay... Atlanta is on fire and White is collecting points like crazy. Look past the names and there is not much difference right now.. Mind you, if it is a keeper then it is a different story...

    • There is no reason for veto here. It's not like it's Heatley and Kovalev for Prospal and Radulov. As as shows, stat wise, there isn't a huge difference. And as others have said, Heatley and Kovalev are underperforming and Heatley is on a team that has been underperforming. This trade is not awful, and quite honestly, the guy getting Guerin and White may come out ahead. If they keep up a good pace, he may end up with better stats. People are too damn quick to veto and freak out. I am in a private league that has had a ton of trades and not one has had a single veto vote!! There is only one league I am in on CBS Sportsline that one person vetoes every trade. Chill and relax people. Get off of your high horse.

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      • If from the start of the season someone had the two groups of players than your right there is no difference. But understand the expectation, players that are unachieving will likely achieve sometime. We're never sure whats going to happen and your right, MAYBE they will be better than Kovalev and Heatley. The uncertainty is the problem in fantasy.... so the things to keep in mind are past numbers(though irrevelant to now) tells you the capabilities. Yes, Guerin in the past was good but take into consideration his age and the new standards of the NHL dedicated to speed and what not, hes not what he used to be.... Heatley puts up huge numbers each year and is playing with the same players, so chances are he MAY be better than the other two. Linemates are also something to consider, if the whole line isnt playing well than you cant expect anyone on the line to do much. But if they are great players and usually have chemistry and put up 3-4-5 point nights than its easy to catch up or go ahead of players like White and Guerin. There is no reason to take White and Guerin other than you know something about the future no one else does. With every possible thing to consider Heatley and Kovalev are MUCH better players and will be better players. The end.

    • 2 words...VE-TO. I don`t even know why you`re asking, that`s obviously fishy.

    • I'll start by saying I wouldn't EVER think of that trade.
      Having said that, some people are just stupid. You should only veto trades if you think there's something back-handed going on. Vetoing trades because someone's an idiot isn't helping anyone, and if you're doing it so one guy doesn't improve him team, then you're selfish.

      To play the devil's advocate here - Heatley's on a team that's slowly sinking, and Kovalev's floating around the ice this year, doing this half-assedly. Maybe the dude is just afraid now that Heater's not playing with Spezza and Alfie, that his numbers are going to go down.

      Unless someone is dumping garbage for superstars, you shouldn't veto trades. I wish the veto function was left out of most leagues...it's just stupid. Let managers make their own decisions, their own mistakes. Have a commish review things to just make sure there's nothing fishy going on. That should be the only basis for vetoing a trade.

    • Points-wise it's a decent trade.

      But the two players on the left name-wise will most likely heat up. Guerin for Heatley is fair if PIMs and +/- aren't a part of your league. And Kovalev for White is not too fair but still it's not that lopsided.

      Just my opinion though.

      I can see why a lot of people think it's a terrible trade.

    • thats the most retarded trade ive heard in years... if you gave up heatley and kovalev.. get them bak immediately.. very stupid

    • the guys who think this trade was far do not know fuc|< all about hockey...totally unfair

    • Aside from being lopsided in name recognition the numbers are very even
      White and Guerin have 20 goals, 29 assists, 49 points, 50 pims, 24 pp points, 1 gw goal
      Healley and Kovalev 21 goals, 31 assists, 52 points, 70 pims, 4 gw goals. This is what drives me nuts, why at this point in the season is this a lopsided deal other than everyone expects the Heatley side to crush by season's end. If things stay the same, which noone can say they will or wont definatively, a legit trade gets vetoed because of players names not their stats. Unless there is a clear cut case of collusion it should not be vetoed. Let me state I would not make this deal if I had Heatley

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      • Hey Muttnes, for the same reason you wouldn't make the trade is the same reason the trade shouldn't go through.
        The dumbest thing to do is compare stats for the year. This is the here and now. Look at the stats for the last month/week. Who's doing the job now and who's playing on the pp. We all know that this time of year teams are pushing for the playoffs and coaches are playing their best players as much as possible. Heatley side wins huge. Compare the stats, I'm sure that the heatley side is way ahead when looking at more recent stats!
        No I didn't compare, I just know enough to know that I dont need to waste my time checking it out.

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