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  • J S J S Dec 17, 2008 12:34 AM Flag

    unfair commissioner/league? what to do?

    Here is my situation. I am in a H2H league. There was no max moves.(commissioner might add one now) There is one requirements of 2 goalie starts per week. One IR slot.

    I own fleury, luongo, and tim thomas. Luongo and fleury have been hurt for 3 weeks or so.

    I put luongo on IR, just holding onto fleury and I dropped one forward. This gives me 2 spots free to add players.

    So what I have been doing everyday is dropping and adding goalies. Sometimes one, sometimes two, sometimes none, and sometimes a forward. It all depends on the match-ups.

    One person in my league complained. I think what I am doing is okay? What do you guys think?

    Another thing, I have made 58 moves so far and today the commissioner added a max moves of 60 and a max of 4 moves per week. I talked to him and he dropped it. He's prolly going to add it again later.

    I don't care if he adds it, but don't you think he should give me like 12-16 moves move for the year?

    what do you guys think?

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    • Its unfair to change the rules in the middle of the season. You can make a contract with anything that is legal, and once that is set, it should be honored. tell the manager he can fix it next year

    • Just put a 4 move limit per week, no max.

    • I think it is unfair to fill your roster everyday as it does give you a slight advantage. More guys played, more potential for points. Playing this way can definitely hurt you as well though because chances are the goalies are no good so most stats would be horrible. I get upset when guys do that as well since there are generally no limits for moves in H2H leagues. Thank goodness I'm not in any league that allows it or guys even thinking about doing it. Teams should win because of your drafting abilities, FA pick-ups at the right time & trades. Not rolling players to build points...

    • When a person joins a league they have the options of creating customised rules and be commish or join a league with customised rules you agree with or public league with default rules that said the rules cant change mid season thats bullsh1t.I love making roster changes so i pick leagues with unlimited moves. If other managers dont like it thats 2 bad they have the same options as every1 else on what rules they will play with. The waiver wire makes things fair 4 those who want 2 pick up a dropped person by making a claim 4 that player during the 3day wait period. The people who complain are usually losing or dont fully understand how 2 work with the rules 2 make things more intresting and competetive. Every week teams play different amounts of games 1 week it could be 4 games the next it could be 1 game so dropping sub-par performers 4 other 1's playing more games makes total sense in head 2 head.

    • Yah, it's unfair, and silly too. Why? Because I'm doing it, although not with goalies, and here's why:

      Skaters generally have a number of categories they can earn you points for, right? Let's say G, A, +/-, PM, PPP, GWG. Of those categories, only one out of 6 can result in you LOSING ground by playing more, +/-. Look at it this way: if the other team dresses nobody, and you dress 100 guys that suck, at the end of the day you won't have LOST anything in G, A, PM, PPP or GWG. . . but you could be -100 in +/-. Taking the risk in one category for a potential gain in five others is worth the time and effort.

      But the goalies are different. Let's say like a lot of leagues your goalies are scored based on W, GAA, Sv%, SHO. So what happens if the goalies you are trading out are subpar? You'll gain in two categories, lose in two. It's a wash. You MIGHT get more wins, but you likely won't get anything in the SHO dept, and you will likely sink your GAA and Sv%. . . because let's face it, if the goalies you're picking up were that good, the other teams would already have them.

      I bet the commissioner doesn't do anything about players who get the minimum number of starts for their goalie then bench them all so their 0.750 GAA and .975 Sv% can't be beat for the week. It's cheesy, and also allowed within the rules.

      The bottom line is though that although it's unfair for him to change the rules in the middle of the season, the name of the game is to have fun, and if what you're doing is adversely affecting the fun for most of the people in the league by violating the spirit of the game, then he should endeavor to put a stop to it.

      I have to ask though, how successful has this strategy been? I mean, I think the only goalies available in my league are. . . Cujo, Raycroft, Valiquette, Lalime, Kolzig, Stephan, Bishop, Danis, McIlhenny and Pavelec, (whom I just dropped in favor of the latest rookie, Varlamov, because Pavelec is getting lit up like a christmas tree lately and Lehtonen is on his way back in). None of those guys is likely to even get a start a week anyway, unless the starting goalies get hit with meteors or something.

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      • I believe there should be a minimum number of games that should be played in the goalie position and feel very cheated by those that do not start their goalies because they have good enough stats after just a "few" games. It is all part of the competition and there should be a catagory that penalizes points for insuffient playing time at the goalie position.
        I agree that we are doing this for fun, so play like an adult! (Couldn't say like a man because there are likely women who play and are more of a man than those who do not play their goalie position enough!)

    • there are alot of people in leagues who dont like what you are doing even though there are no rules. it is under the commissioner obligation to listen to the league complaints and act on those complaints. you are obviously one of them.you say that he should give you 12-16 more moves to be fair. just so you could make 12-16 more goalie moves. what would be fair is for the commissioner to take your total moves and the team with the 2nd most amount of moves, subtract the two, then put a freeze on your team for the difference of days. thus allowing the remainder of the league the opportunity to catch up if they choose. after the difference of days is up, the commissioner should set a fair move limit for the rest of the year for everyone. your league needs to have a limit

    • If you had the time and energy to make that many moves you need to get laid...

    • I think it would be pretty unfair to cap you like that with just 2 moves remainng.
      Picking up and dropping guys daily though is pretty lame. Although a lot of leagues (like my espn one) have a maximum numbers of starts per week, which make daily adding and dropping less effective.
      Adding and dropping weekly is ok, but I would try to limit that too.


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