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  • kooter kooter Nov 25, 2008 5:21 PM Flag

    trying to get Sundin

    I think he's going to come back, and I think the guy who has him wants to trade him.
    Thinking of offering Dustin Brown and Derrick Brassard - two great young guys, and we're in a keeper league for Zherdev and Sundin.

    I think if Sundin comes back I could be good

    is it worth it?

    brown and brassard for zherdev and sundin

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    • Keeper league or not - I wouldn't do this trade for several reasons.

      First if I was the other guy I might jump at that deal because as another poster said it is basically two emerging (and largely unproven talents) for a guy that is an average player having a really decent year - don't get too hoodwinked by one great season in Columbus.

      13 weeks of Sundin (assuming he comes back around Christmas) at his absolute best is 57 points, from which he is 15 seasons removed. Most likely you will get his typical points production of the last few seasons and end up with around 38 points. Granted there are also the SOG's and PIm's and so on to be considered but looking at Sundin's averages the totals are good but hardly exceptional.

      Dustin Brown looks to repeat last seasons 60 points even with his horrific shot percentage - but more importantly he is on pace for over 375 SOG's, putting him in Sundin's neighborhood in that category. Brown is shaping up to average in the 65 - 70 point range which makes him really decent and valuable depth especially in a large keeper league.

      The book is still out on Brassard, while looking like a stud compared to last years mid season call-up dud I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in a guy that is basically a rookie having a "breakout year" (Which is why he makes good trade bait) - but in this deal if I was the other GM I might go for it because Brown and Zherdev are equal (favoring Brown in this one) and Brassard is gravy for a guy that might only lace em' up for one final run at the cup.

      As to your situation a quick look at the current production numbers of the players involved suggest that what you lose in the next five weeks is not compensated for by what you gain in Zherdev and Sundin. this off course assumes that everyone maintains current pace.

      Zherdev: 68 points projected
      Sundin: 38 points projected

      Brassard: 80 points projected
      Brown: 60 points projected

      Season difference: 34 points of production on the season and 9 points during the next 5 weeks.

      Now factor in all of the other Stats and again the deal is not in your favour. Not knowing the type of league your in it is hard for me to judge if the nine points are a risk that is worth taking - especially given that this deal will effect you for seasons to come. But in a points only league where gains are measured to the 3rd decimal place this deal could be a killer.

    • Since youre in a keeper league I won't make this trade. Sundin has only one or two more years left and Zherdev has never lived up to his potential. Brown and Brassard are talented young players and will continue to improve

    • If it's a deep keeper league I'd think twice about trading Brown and Brassard, even though Zherdev has serious skills he's still unproven and Sundin won't play past 2010 (if he makes it past 2009). I really doubt he's going to be much of an impact player until very late this season so the short-term gain will be minimal. I dunno man, it's a tough call as to whether or not that's a good trade for you, it's a gamble. Granted I think if you offer that he will most likely want more.

    • trade for him

    • zherdev may be the best of the bunch why would he do that deal

    • so wat you are saying everyone with sundin in fa should pick him up

    • dude, if you can pull that off, then kudos to you

    • if the guy held on to sundin for so long, it might be hard to pry sundin out of him now.

      and giving up zherdev is not gonna be easy for the other party

      personally, i wouldn't do it bc LA players usually have horrible +/-

    • Sounds like a gamble to me...

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