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  • Mike F Mike F Nov 19, 2008 4:14 PM Flag

    Rejected trade...

    OK, so I am the commish of our league. A trade was proposed and accepted, and had to go thru the league votes, not just me. The trade was Vinny Lecavalier for Ales Hemsky and Paul Stastny. The league voted unanimously and rejected the trade. I myself also voted against it, because it was too one sided. Even though the trade was between 2 of the bottom 4 teams in a 10 team league, and they are both complaining, what should I do as the commish to make them both happy???

    Thanks in advance

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    • Hey Mike, I have to say that this is a 100% fair trade. Depending on the FA pool, the dude getting Hemsky and Stastny could come out ahead of the year. If AH and PS get 70- 80 points each, that 140-160 points to Vinny's possible 90. Now dude getting Vinny, would have to pick up someone who gets 50-70 points!!! Kinda possible, and not uneven. If it were Vinny for Brooks Laich, no, veto!!! But the veto thing does get thrown out too easily. The private league I am in has had an ass load of trades, and none denied. Some were slanted to one team over the other, but we all let it go. They weren't ridiculous. Good rule change (I read some of the posts). You should let these guys redo the trade and push it through. Good luck.

    • Collusion is the one and only reason a trade should be vetoed.

      Saying a trade is one sided is purely opinion based on individuals. Each of us are going to rank players and positions and stats differently in our teams priorities. But even the numbers aren't that lopsided in this trade. Obviously, whoever gets vinny picks up someone on waivers. That picks up the slack left by losing both hemsky and statsny. But also remember both statsny and hemsky are minus players, where vinny is a plus 5 already. I think he got 6 shots the other night and wins tons of faceoffs. If anything the guy with vinny could end up winning more categories because he has that free spot instead of two guys basically only racking up assists.

      Conclusion: your goal isn't to make all your Gms happy it is to make sure no one cheats, and answer any questions your players have.

    • the bottom line here is, the trade is not a rip-off. it is not so imbalanced that one team is getting screwed. the only trades that should be vetoed are horribly one-sided deals. THIS is not one of those trades.

      let the trade pass, or live with the fact that you and those who voted against it are dicks.

    • Dude - That's a fair trade.

      Stastny ain't bad, and plus he's been without Sakic for a while too and still not bad numbers.
      Hemsky has done well thus far in EDM.

      Lecav is gonna get going soon but so far hasn't done much.
      Plus whoever gets Lecav, can roam the FA list and pick up a 2nd player...

      I don't know who your league thinks was getting ripped off...
      But the trade is even up.

      You just have a bad league and other managers probably want those players.

      I bet other managers vetoed it and are now proposing their own trades to get Lecavalier or Stastny!!

    • If there was no collusion, then there should be no veto. It doesn't matter if it's one-sided or not, you or anyone else should not have the right to decide how others manage their teams. If one team loses out, so be it. Let that manager learn his/her lesson.

    • You would like that wouldnt you????

    • How about you let them do that trade again and at the same time you'll let them stick their "queues molles" into your glory hole ?

    • Who is the one who sits here and calls everybody a homo...? Thats what I thought

    • Here is what I ended up doing in my league.
      I changed it from league vote, for the same reason one of the other guys wrote.
      Fair trades vetoed to keep teams below them.
      I made it commish approval, with a day waiting period once a trade has been accepted.
      If two guys are happy with the deal, and it isn't a total screw job, let it go.

    • Hard for anyone reading to know if that trade was fair or not without seeing both of the teams rosters. Maybe ask yourself if the rest of the league voted against a fair trade in order to keep those teams in the lower ranks, or if they actually thought one team would gain an unfair advantage.

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