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  • Brooksy Brooksy Nov 19, 2008 7:44 AM Flag

    Daily Waivers. Need Advice

    I have a manager in my league who adds and drops players daily depending on if they are playing the next day. By the end of the week he has had 30 players or so that have given him stats. Has anybody ever seen this before? I never set daily limits on waivers because I have never seen this. Teams in my league are starting to get fusterated with the anount of players he drops daily. (He's had 80 moves so far) Although he's not crushing teams, he does seem to have a small advantage. Would it be fair to set limits now or just let things go?

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    • That is definitely very frustrating and the reason I have put up a system where you only get 5 moves per week (still a lot).

      But as of right now I don't think you can do anything about it since he's not doing anything illegal and there were no rules in place before the beginning of the season. You can hope he makes a stupid mistake and drops a slumping players who lights it up after he drops him.

    • Personally, I dont see anything wrong with it.

      It seems you have a very active GM, and if more GMs were as active, you would have a great league. Perhaps he is setting the pace for the rest of your league, and you should see if there is something along his lines that could help your team and league.

    • I did that last year and the guys in my league complained to. We had no limits but later in the year we all agreed including me it should stop. Maybe talk to the guy and try to reason with him to stop like the guys in my league did with me.Mind you this year we put a limit on the moves that can be made.

    • From the RULES:

      "If more than one team claims the same player, the team that's highest on the Waiver Priority List is given the rights to the player. The priority list is initially set based on the reverse of the draft order. However, each time you add a waived player to your roster, you're pushed to the back of the list. This "rolling" list stays in effect for the entire season."

      It's pretty cut and dry. If you cannot wait until a guy clears waivers and becomes a Free Agent (which rarely happens to a "good" player who has been dropped), you put in a claim for him. The waiver order is listed on your leagues front page. Highest ranked waiver gets first dibs, then becomes the last one in line if he "wins" the player.

    • I thought you only move waiver priority position by having a GM pick up a guy on waivers who is being placed on a team as a free agent and only during the waiting period... am I way off?

    • just a clarification for Brooksy about waiver priority...

      as burnhead69 said, waiver priority originally is set by the reverse of draft order but then changes as waiver claims are made.

      once a claim is successful, the team making the claim becomes the last in line for waiver priority and everyone else moves up one spot.

    • Have a vote...majority rules...obvoiusly he will get outvoted haha....cap the moved at 100.


    • Yeah man - if your leage agrees to it, set a max number of moves per week.
      Something around 2-5 would be adequate...
      You really shouldn't have the need to add/drop players that many times in a week anyways.

      Usually "good" leagues have a max number of moves PER YEAR. Usually around 20-30 or so... When you've used them all up, you can't do anything else.
      This works well since managers know they have to keep some for the end of the year in case of emergency...
      Therefore, no manager just adds/drops players recklessly!

    • If he's making all these moves than his waiver priority should be shite. I don't understand what the problem is unless you have a small roster size or no bench. Anytime he drops someone good, they should get picked up, if no one is willing to drop one of their players for whoever he drops, then that means the dropped player is not better than whomever they're holding onto. It seems like this may only really help with SOG or FW, or stats that never subtract like P, although wire players don't have the best plus/minus and usually aren't PP unit guys. I would think the only real stat that could be tweaked for a benefit (albeit very labor intensive) would be for goalies, to somehow always pick goalies that are playing against struggling teams. I don't think you need to do anything drastic like freeze his team or FAs for a week, but at the same time it is always good to get a concensus from your league, and find out how they feel about the above mentioned rule changes.

    • if ur commish change the waiver dates so they are 4-5 days

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      • Ya, I think setting the Waiver dates to at least 3 days is a good idea. This also makes sure that he will almost always have the last waiver number, so if he drops good guys, others in the league will be able to pick them up before he can try to pick them up again. So If all he is picking up 20 guys a week but they are all absolute crap, it's prob not gonna be that big of a deal to the rest of the teams.

        I'd try getting a vote in the league though, maybe asking others if you should be able to lock his team for a certain amount of time for picking up too many guys. If enough people agree, maybe lock his FA pickups for a week or so and see how he likes it. Also take a poll about max pickups, etc. If, like you said though, he isn't far off in first place, maybe its not actually enough to worry about.

        But definitely set the Waiver limit to at least 3 days, that will prob stop a decent amount of it.

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