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  • StevoSupremo StevoSupremo Nov 17, 2008 4:41 PM Flag

    Should I?

    Drop Huet for Biron or DiPietro even though he is on IR

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    • hmmm... your d are all too good to drop, try and include one in a deal. they all have value, so you can get that much better of a forward for it... that might bag you alfredsson. possible 2-for-1 (a NJ LW + on of the D's for alfredsson?), then pick up barker. and it always helps to make offers to guys that are most active (made the most moves so far), like the alfredsson owner. i dunno which d man to deal... depends which you like or the other owner wants to complete the deal. hope that helps, good luck.

    • ok wow looks like i got a lot of work to do. So deal LW for RW and drop which dman?

    • ok, so in your case, you have 4 LW's and 2 RW's... obvious what to do. LW's have more value than C's in a trade, so will be easier to move. in addition, 2 of your LW's are from new jersey, meaning you get screwed into sitting someone every time NJ plays a game. deal parise or elias for a RW... gaborik if possible, or alfredsson... the alfredsson owner has garbage LW's and 4 RW's (if you count horton). plus there are good LW's on the waiver wire if you want to do some 2 for 1's: brian rolston is coming back soon (although he's another NJ player... maybe keep an eye to see if he gets moved to RW then pick him up), s. kozlov is also good. and if you can lose a D somehow, cam barker looks good for a pickup. target RW's and another goalie that is low now but could bounce back... turco?

    • when you go on your league page and see the standings, copy and paste the http......

    • so what link do i post? Im a little confused

    • haha... right back where we started. well, in that case, theres not much available at the goalie position, at least not until dipietro comes back. what i mean is you have to see what position there are guys available who are worth being on a roster. my example was that if someone like auld were available, then do it with goalies. if someone like bertuzzi is free, do it with a lw. i'd have to see your league to say specifics... if you post a link to your league maybe i can see it... not sure if yahoo will allow that.

    • So i have Giggy and Biron. So i trade Biron and pick up who? Huet? Dipietro?Garon? Legacy? Fernandez?

    • ok, basically you wanna look for 2-fo-1's that make them think that they are winning in value. but if you have too many players at one position or if there is a good player on the waiver wire, then you're not really losing. example... auld is on the waiver wire. trade one of your goalies (not the best one) plus a winger who is currently hot for a better winger, then pick up auld. even if you gave up a lot, the new winger plus goalie from waivers should be worth more than you gave up... as long as you get the best player in the trade, you probably won. another way to screw someone... trade them a teammate of someone they already have that creates a problem for them... example: i dealt selanne to a perry owner. they're both rw's, so on anaheim game nights, he cant play his other rw's ever, now he has to keep 4. if nothing goes through, don't feel bad if you have to drop a center... not much difference between your worst one and the waiver wire's best.

    • So i would assumeyouve done this a few times before? So really my big options are to do what?

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