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  • vestaxwax vestaxwax Nov 15, 2008 1:18 AM Flag

    rotisserie cheat? will it work??

    i'm in a 10 category rotisserie league. goalies account for 4 categories. so far i'm winning save % and GAA. if i bench my goalies for the rest of the season i'll win these 2 categories.

    can i do this?

    my offense is easily the best in the league so if i can steal half of the goaltending categories i'm willing to sacrifice wins and shutouts which i won't have a chance of winning anyways.

    if figure if i can pull off this cheat i will win my league without breaking a sweat. i can't find a rule saying i have to fulfill a minimum number of starts for my goalies so i figure i can pull this off.

    does anyone know?

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    • It's pretty f'n pathetic of you to use superior strategies and such in an effort to win. If your parents did their job and taught you right then you would know that the point of competition and life in general is to be mediocre enough in every single way so that other people don't have to deal with the feeling of being outclassed or outsmarted or outmaneuvered. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that the rules call for a winner I would say you are scumbag for trying to win, period,instead of aiming for ties across the board.

      It's pretty sad that you would want to make your fellow man feel that way, and every humanistic fiber in my body spits on you.

      For much of my life I believed there was nothing lower than a child molester but now I'm pretty sure that finding new and innovative ways to win things and thus, cause others to lose beats child molestation by an inch.

    • so my question is to you...do u have a public league i can play in to test my mettle?

    • i'd say there were a few idiots and i found them by fielding multiple trade offers to multiple teams. the fish were biting and eventually i wore them down to get what i wanted.

      i drafted: heatley, hossa, st louis, d sedin, price, franzen, roy, visnovsky, toskala, liles, meszaros, enstrom, h sedin, wolski, garon & pm bouchard.

      it was an auto draft since i forgot about it. i wasn't a big fan of the guys i got so i waived: toskala and picked up mike smith. then i waived wolski, bouchard. picked up marleau and bieksa.

      eventually i waived garon, enstrom, meszaros and liles.

      my first trade was early...i got ryan miller and zetterberg from a habs fan who wanted price and franzen. the day after the trade went thru franzen got hurt.

      then i picked up briere on the WW a few days after the owner dropped him due to his injury.

      i picked up clowe and then when brodeur went down i grabbed weekes. i packaged the two and traded them to the brodeur owner for rafalski. he was stacked on D so apparently he didn't mind getting robbed.

      then i snapped up hemsky just as he got hot and dropped roy who isn't doing thing.

      with mller on fire, i shopped him around until i found a guy willing to overpay.

      i got crosby/alfredsson/pronger/ward for h. sedin/hemsky/rafalski/miller

      and there you have it....my team in a 10 team league. and yes, there are some owners pissed off at my trade prowess, but not enough to veto them.

      one trade i had made earlier was vetoed:
      iginla/kane/fleury for hossa/roy/miller

    • just wondering how you got all those players in a 10 team league, when you know you cant draft them all on a team...were there trades made, or do you just have a league full of complete idiots?

    • no, you're right. i'm lying. it's a 6 team league. i had every reason to lie...i just couldn't resist. damn...busted! i don't know how i'm going to be able to go on now that all of you strangers know i was in a 6 team league instead of a 10. how will i ever show my avatar again?

    • if you say so...enjoy!!!

    • 10 team.

    • I think you're an A$$hole with a big A...your league is full of amateurs and the fact that you'd pull out your goalies to win categories after a little over a month of play is cheap, unsportsman like and proves what kind of monkeys play in your league ...If I were the commish of your banana league, i'd kick your sorry butt out for suggesting such a thing....get a life dude....

    • as i've said throughout this post, i don't disagree. which is why i've been starting my goalies in favorable situations.

      last night i sat miller and was glad. today i played mike smith and despite not getting a W, i did OK.

      as long as i continue playing it safe with my goalies i should be able to breeze to a championship.

      the only other team i'm afraid of has ovechkin, backstrom, green, phaneuf, perry, doan, ehrhoff, setoguchi, j. carter, t. thomas, brodeur

    • You probably in a league where half or more than half the managers don't even know that much about hockey. Cuz there no way you can get that many good players in draft especially when its 10 teams. The computer would have autopicked the better players to managers who didn't showed up for the draft. And if most of your managers showed up for the draft its obviously they have no clue when drafting their players. And if this is private league it just seems more obvious. Now if this was a public league then I take my word back. But it is and if it can you provide the league URL?

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