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  • i would trade semin and i would get crosby.should i do it?

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    • hell yea

    • dont dude semin is nasty and he is on a streak and this my opinion but crosby sucks

    • they are both good players and i like crosby but i think this is semins year to shine so id probably keep him instead of sid id try to get ovie hes startin to heaat up finally

    • i agree that Semin is an AMAZING player with AWESOME skills and he is very fun and exciting to watch

      but still:


      those guys are all automatically the guys to get drafted first

      We also dont' know how injury-prone Semin is

    • ok well im a big fan of crosby and i wouldnt trade crosby for semin anyday, but what i would do is i would wait for semin to cool down just a little while hes still doing good or ok, then i would trade him, if he doesnt cool down then just hold on to him

    • Marty i know wat u said.. i'm agreeing with u lol

      and ruslan....... no i am not in love with the kid

      i think Crosby is the best hockey player in the world...... but my favorite hockey player is still Simon Gagne & Danny Briere & Heatley & Lecavalier & Malkin & Gaborik & of course Jaromir Jagr

      Crosby is ONE of my favorites AFTER those guys i mentioned...... but still Crosby is the best hockey player in the world


      a line like that..... and Crosby would make both Boogard & Nolan hit 80 points each probably haha


      that would just suck

    • You are going to get a million opposite opinions on this, and I could see both sides. Mine is to keep Semin. He is playing first line, currently, with OV and Backstrom. WOW!!! That is a lot of talent. He may have one of the most wicked snapshots in hockey. It has speed, accuracy, and can be released quickly to the goalies' surprise. His stick handling is amazing as well! He sets up people for goals also. He gets more PIMs than Crosby. When I watch, he averages 2 minors per every 3 games, roughly. I would stick with Semin.

    • Nope, as a owner who usually doesnt stick with hot players versus "better" players i wouldnt do it. Considering Semin will likely be even in goals and assists no matter how many he has of each. Therefore he'll contribute much better to the G, PPG, SHG or whatever your scoring is. While Crosby racks in the assists but is worth nothing because there are sooooo many centers that are worth while versus lacking LWs. So really i dont understand why everyone takes a name over the numbers. Sure Crosby is better but is he a better fantasy player? Semin currently has a +17 in that category, 27 points in 15 games and so on. 15 games is no streak... a streak is usually max 5 games or so but 15.... he will cool down but not tooo much. Considering he is playing with Backstrom and Ovechkin now, Backstrom setting them both up as well as setting each other up is unreal. Semin has yet to have a completely healthy season for his lingering ankle injury hasnt allowed him to play to his full potential. Any person saying its a no brainer should understand all the stat categories.... prior to this year yes Crosby is better and made a name for himself but really, assists dont help your cause in fantasy hockey. While Semin could even match or be better in PPPs. Get real people look beyond the stats and names and realize the better fantasy player.

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      • totally agree. Like Semin said in some interview: HTF is Crosby?!
        A well PRed pretty Canadian boy is all. Made a captain coz his daddy Wayne wanted so. Shit, hes doing well cuz hes surrounded by real pros in a great team and under great coaching. Put him in Tampa and he will choke. Have you seen Semin move on ice and shoot/pass? You obviously haven't because there is no other player deserving your attention besides Crosby, all you 12 year old fans. I can't wait to see your reactions when Semin gonna top the kid in PPPs...unless he get's unjured

    • if you really need to bounce that off people.. you don't deserve him

    • Do it now!!!

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