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  • Jay Jay Oct 20, 2008 9:29 AM Flag

    Shutout Scoring Error

    I have 3 of six matchups scored incorrectly for last week, it was a 0-0 tie for the shutour category, however, one manager was credited for a win, is this a Yahoo stats error and who should I contact to get this fixed?

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    • Yeah, I feel your pain. That's why in a H2H league, you wanna make sure you have at least one or two starters who will get some games in. You did put that you weren't able to reach 3w. I am assuming that was a mistypes of 3 wins. You don't need three wins, just 3 games. Like I said, I am assuming that was just a mistype. It looks like you are getting at least one game tonight. Kolzig is starting against his old squad. Legace is back this week also, that should help you out. Between Gerber and Osgood, you should be more than good. With Legace back off of IR. You are in good shape. Good luck.

    • Why i didn't meet my minimum goalie games

      Goalie include:
      Legace (was on IR)

      You would think I would be able to reach the 3 with these 3 goalies wouldn't you.

      Only got 2 games in.
      While I didn't have a shutout - we did tie 0-0 - but opponent got the win.
      GAA - I beat him handily (osgood was 1.00 in only game he played) - he got the win.
      Save % - same thing I won, but he gets the points.

      I guess its my own fault for joining the league and I wouldn’t be as pissed off if I hadn’t been kicked when down by losing the Shutout category.

    • Why did you not reach the three game min though? Did you have hurt goalies? Did the backups play more? Did you get a shutout on day one and then try to sit on it? Those are the only things that make sense, which from a fantasy norm, means, you didn't meet the standard requirements and you lose! In one of my H2H leagues, I have swept the goalie cats for the past 2 weeks due to that. Not my fault or prob, I hit the standard set by the league. So why didn't you hit the three game min?

    • You can still get a win in the shootout, it just does not count as a loss for the losing goalie.


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