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  • Chris C Chris C Oct 19, 2008 10:31 AM Flag

    help with cheating league

    Ok, so I'm in a head to head league, and our commissioner has locked out my team for no reason so that I can't do anything with it, trades, roster changes, lineups, messages, anything. If I had done something then fine, but what I did was offer him a trade of like all his top guys for a bunch of crappy guys. He then posted a message to everyone saying hed lock my team for it, but it was in retaliation to him doing the same thing to me. I thought it was a joke more than anything, but when i responded to the message, he deleted the message so noone would know, then locked my team. Basically I'm just wondering if theres anything that Yahoo can do to unlock my team, cuz I don't think its fair that I lose for the whole year just cuz one commissioner wanted to be a jerk. Thanks!

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    • kick his ass

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      • Yahoo hasn't really replied to any messages that I've sent them so far, I'm pretty sure that they aren't going to :(

        Just to add to the fun though, I've still been checking up on my team to see how I'm doing... my good friend the commisioner dropped 7 players from my team (the best ones obviously). He then picked up all the good players for his own team. Now the fun part. I am not able to change my lineups, and theyre mostly empty. I only have one goalie now, and its mathieu garon. I'm currently in a matchup against the commisioner of our league, and im spanking him 8-3 :D :D :D I think that beating him this week will probably be enough for me, I probably won't keep the league, but he still looks stupid for now :D

        By the way, the commisioner in our leagues yahoo ID is littlemike9912, so I suggest not palying any leagues with him

        If I hear from yahoo i will update this post.

    • update? i hope yahoo steps in here

    • Yahoo might have already shut him down because I e-mailed the punk and it came back saying this was a bad address both of them so for your sake maybe yahoo has taken action on the punk...

    • This is why if I join a custom league, I am always in a public league or two. It's harder for people to mess with public leagues aside from the draft.

      There is some doofus around here that takes great joy in creating a lot of Yahoo accounts, joining a lot of public leagues, and drafting 5 or 6 goalies on draft day. He doesn't actually participate after that as far as I can tell. He used to go by some variation on the name "Mad Town". I have strong suspicions that he is "special".

    • I think yahoo will do something if he has 2 or more accounts in one league. Give it a shot and if they don't do anything I would just quit that losers league because you can't win anyway if he's doing that. What a loser...

    • Are you even allowed to email the rest of the managers in the league? Can the commish lock that feature too? Or can you write something in your trash talk line...?

      That's dumb though - I bet the commish feels like a big man for doing that to you lol, what a joke!

    • Here is the guy that cheat:


      This loser created several accounts in the same league. He then traded all the good players on one team to his other team. On top of that he changed all the settings from Head to head league to points league.

      What a loser...avoid him.

    • Report it as abuse to yahoo there are options on your team info pages make sure you give your league # and the idiots ID. they might be able to help.

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      • yea, i can't find the buttons to do that, but ill try that if i can find the button. i did however check out the policies and im pretty sure the other guy was right, i dont think yahoo will do anything. but ill try that... otherwise i guess im just boned.. lol. its so lame that that can happen though, when im commisioner of a league i put effort into being fair and making sure everyones having fun, and i guess some people are only worried about themselves having fun. oh well, there are enough good ones around.

    • ahh i'm pretty sure that yahoo can't do anything about custom leagues, it's really a bad idea to join a custom league where u don't know the commisioner.... if u do know him i would recommend you go to his house and jersey him.... but yea i dont think yahoo can really do anything about it.. not that i know of


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