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  • EDDINO EDDINO Sep 22, 2008 11:32 PM Flag

    need one more lady manager/hockey fan

    Need one more lady manager/ rabid hockey fan and fierce competitor , that won't quit regardless of the standings to become the final manager on the laides' side in our battle of the sexes hockey league. It's a head to head with an auto draft, that we should hold around the 27th or so. The ladies side is looking much stronger this year with some great managers. It's a regular head to head competitve league and on the side I keep track of the record between the genders in their match ups for bragging rights when the season ends( and while it's going on of course).. We do these battle of the sexes in along with leagues in everything you can think of just about and will be looking for ladies for NBA game soon, so it would be great to find a real lady sports fan out there to become part of the mix! If interested drop me a line at eddino55@yahoo.com. First qualified lady in grabs the spot and fills the 14 team league.. Also very much contemplating starting a 4th head to head league, probably 12 team with an auto draft( Im doing al the live ones I can so it has to be auto). This gives me a good chance to expand my contact list of players that I have had playing with em a long time to some new ones, so I'm looking for managers that are really ionto fantasy sports and never say die( no half hearted please, don't want dead teams). Sure I might talk a couple of my vets into playing in one more and if not we will just assemble the best group of competitors we can find! Like I said we always have leagues going in all 4 major sports, nascar, golf , fishing ,march madnes, soccer, pick ems and more, so great group to get in with, always some league going on. If interested in getting that going with me ( ladies can join that one too of course contact me once again at eddino55@yahoo.com


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