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  • GGS GGS Aug 26, 2008 8:44 AM Flag

    ESPN Better than Yahoo?

    Does anyone else feel that yahoo has not improved there Fantasy Hockey product enough?

    Ive just checked ou the ESPN site and I find it way better than yahoo and its also for free.


    - It allows a keeper league format
    - It has way more scoring categories
    - You can assign the number of veto votes required
    - You can award trophies

    Ive been with yahoo a long time and I hate to lose all my history, but I just find it much better. Yahoo has not made any sugnificant improvements to its format for hockey over the years so now its time for a change.

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    • I just signed up for ESPN and you can't even set a minimum games played for goalies!

      In a roto league that is almost a requirement!

    • In custom leagues on yahoo you can have a keeper league format, assign as many categories as you want, number of veto votes.

      you win trophies too in all formats on Yahoo.

      don't understand your complaint

    • i just switched to espn. its much better

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      • I am setting up a league now, here are some points of interest:

        Not only set starting positions, but max allowed on roster (no team overloading a category, like goalies)

        6 IRs allowed (may seem excessive, but I have been in a league were that was needed once).

        29 bench spots - if that's something you like.

        Forward/Defense/Utility/Goalie limits - stops add/drops which you can do by having a low transactions allowed, so not really necessary IMO.

        You can make each category worth so many points, that add up in the head-to-head match-ups. Something I asked Yahoo to do for the past 3 seasons.

        Although no Save % on ESPN.

        They do have: Shifts, Hat Tricks, Hits, Blocked Shots and D-men points.

        I have to say thanks to Yahoo's delay they opened my eyes to ESPN, and I'll see what Yahoo offers before my final decision, but I think this is the last year of Yahoo for me.

        You can only play East or West conference players - which would help my coworkers with limited hockey knowledge.

        Waiver period is max 4 days. I wish it was 2 week option - to help promote trading. That is reason I closed a league last year, it got ugly after stupid drop and weak trade back.

        You can set divisions.

        All in all, ESPN is really looking like fun. I would suggest at least checking it out.

    • I have been looking there too. I was in ESPN a few years ago and like the approach. Just didn't want to drop 50 bucks to sign up. Certainly worth considering. But I really like Yahoo's customer service. They respond very quickly. Was not a strength of ESPN.


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