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  • Iceman57 Iceman57 Jun 3, 2008 3:20 PM Flag

    Biding/keeper cap league

    I know we're all thinking football here but since i just had a owner
    bail on me i need to see if one Fantasy player out there might be
    interested in joining an amazing new type of fantasy hockey league
    starting next week? The game will be played on Yahoo but most of the
    free fun will happen on a site called Pro Boards, each owner is
    responsible for their own teams roster page.

    This new type of league is very real, its going to be awesome!
    Its called a keeper/bidding league. Each team has a cap of 100$, that
    i believe should never change. Owners will create their teams by
    bidding on players via free agency, there will be a max each
    team only allowed maybe say 3 bids per 24 hrs, just to prevent a team
    from going mad with 16 bids and capping themselves too early.

    We have set the roster size, I'm thinking 25 big club positions and
    having 10 players down in the farm which teams can call-up or send
    down on a league waiver system consisting of games played by the real
    NHL player. The minor system teams may stash must pass through
    waivers when being sent down at which point any team may put a 24hr
    claim for that players but must pay that players entire cap value
    like in the real NHL. Players with less then 100 games experience can
    be shipped back and fourth without worry of being claimed.

    Those are just some of the ideas I've come up with, also if
    player goes through ordered waivers unclaimed then the team has the
    option to "buy out" said player for HALF of the players contract
    value. Before each off-season may begin, the league will conduct its
    own entry draft using players from the same group of rookies the
    actual NHL is drafting from that same season. Finally another gem is
    Trades will not be reviewed by the League or its Commissioner.
    Transaction responsibility falls on that of the trading parties
    unless collusion is evident. So we either need one more or three more
    owners to get the league started, please email me if your interested
    and serious, Thank you.



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