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  • Jim Jim Mar 31, 2008 3:49 PM Flag

    Constant Add/Drops

    One thing that really drives me crazy is when you spend the entire year building a roster that works well for you, you compete well all year, you get to the championship final and you play the League Commissioner for the championship and every day, he drops 6-7 players and picks up new players, in an effort to make sure every position is filled every single day.

    I'm sure this happens in many leagues, but what is truly the point of even playing fantasy sports if you're just going to pull a dirty tactic like this to win the championship in your OWN league!

    FYI, he is losing thus far...

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    • This is why I don't like public leagues myself. I'm in a similar situation, and it's the reason why I think there needs to be an option for custom leagues of a maximum amount of trades per gameweek.

      If Yahoo implemented that, most of these problems would be solved without much hassle.

      But as it is, if you can do it and it's not "illegal" as such, then people are going to do it. I've led my league all year and am now losing the final because my opponent is using 30 players. I don't really care, but next year I will certainly commish my own league again. Just didn't have time to do it this season.

    • Dear Sir,
      With all due respect , I respect what you are saying. However, the rules do not forbid ( managing your team ) , in order for you to make the best outcome for yourself.
      So whats wrong with drawing from the pool of available players to increase your chances of a win. If your team was struggling, would YOU just sit on your butt and watch it die.
      You must love the Toronto Mapl Leafs. Thats what they have been doing since 1967.

    • join a rossterie league and stop complaining !!!!

    • I'd get over it, I had a crapy team and during the year made by far the most adds/drops over 120 especiallly the playoff weeks. If you have a crapy team you need to litterally fight every day (just like the pros) to give yourself the best chance.

    • Yeah, my league voted on a 15 move limit to avoid this tactic being employed while still allowing for injuries and cold streaks that may occur during the playoffs.

    • only way it's dirty is if he locked you from doing the same.. you have the same option as him to pick up players if you choose

    • Why does it matter that he's the commissioner? People do that in public leagues all the time (just look at the overall head-to-head leaders).

      BTW, I'm in a private league that had no max moves restriction and I'm playing the commissioner in the finals. Well guess what, he just changed the # of max moves to 20 so that he could still make moves, and I couldn't because I'm over the limit! So tell me, what's worse, someone that legitimately plays by a rule you consider unfair, or someone who changes the rule in the finals?

    • Serves anybody right who accepts Yahoo's default settings. Listen, learn your lesson, and next year Commish a league where you set the add/drops low, plus add a solid 7 day waiver period so guys can't drop and then add back their own guys. Also, get rid of ridiculous categories like SOG and Faceoffs (so guys just add centers wrongly tagged as wingers). Heck, in my leagues, I even get rid of Saves, and keep it at save percentage and wins. C

    • In our league we only allow 50 transactions all season. It took me all 50 to make it to the second round of the playoffs so I just have to hope that my team can hang on. Limiting the number seems to require a little more strategy from the managers in our league.

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