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  • Jay O Jay O Mar 26, 2008 11:14 AM Flag

    What's the big deal?

    Once again Bonchprof and I duke it out Mano-et-mano, sort of...

    Tacitly there is nothing wrong with streaming except that it does not truly reflect the ebb and flow of the roster of just one team, something that are pools are trying to emulate. Our rosters are collections of players assembled to form a "team" and in order to keep it "competitive", "active" and "interesting", in general, our respective leagues have a significantly smaller number of teams (typically twelve) and vastly reduced active rosters (typically 15 - 20) then the real leagues that we draw our players from. By design this helps level the playing field and give all GM's at the start of the season an equal chance to win regardless of skill level, draft position and active play.

    Essentially it allows you to play with your Grandma and lets her wallop your behind without using a wooden spoon. Fair, you betcha because the idea is to have fun - and if your Grandma, who thinks sports are silly but adores you, can share an interest and interact with you from anywhere in the world at anytime then thats awesome. Because hockey pools are supposed to be social interactions, they just happen to be competitive ones. If you are some sort of chump with obsessive compulsions that sits all day in his bedroom fretting over, stats & scores and looking for some obscure competitive edge over the next pimply faced virtual warrior then my friend it is a sad life you lead.

    I think that having the ability to rotate in and out of your line-up's / active roster players from the waiver wire and free agent pool is a good thing - but there should be a reasonable limit that reflects the "typical" movements of an NHL team because after all you are only the GM for ONE TEAM not twenty.

    Based on a 12 - 16 player team, 45 rosters moves in a season seems like a reasonable number to me, that is essentially one player every two games and a couple of extra's for injuries. Although it is a number in excess of real league play - for our purposes 45 is a number that is high enough to allow us to have a little wriggle room for mistakes but low enough so that some judicious thought must prevail.

    I myself am guilty of "streaming" in my 16 team, 22 player, H2H league I drafted dead last and have had a roster plagued with injuries, I have had to make a lot of roster moves just to stay in the game (After months of careful roster selection I am number two by a country mile and have a very narrow chance to catch the top spot overall).

    In one of my points leagues, where the top two spots have shuffled back and forth between myself and another team all season long, ( where I also drafted extremely late but very well), as it is a very savvy league with at least 6 teams of twelve actively mining the free agent pool for hidden gems, I have streamed over seventy players - but some of that was pure deception designed to entangle and confound the "enemy". And damit after last years ridicule and pathetic showing in the standings their was no way in heck I was going to not finish in the top 5. There's inter-office pride and stake, not to mention the insufferable bragging of my co-workers.

    To summarize zipping players daily into and out of your line-up from the free agent pool on a daily is probably not at all very reflective of "actual" play. GM's in real life have to consider travel restrictions, cap limits, team compatibility, positional need / role and a host of other considerations - all we need to do is see which hot hand is playing what starting sieve on tomorrow slate of games.

    Sure it's fun to win, but unconscionable streaming isn't really winning, it's just a lot of time working on a cathode tan.

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    • damn damn damn! I just wrote a reply to your post, Jay O, and inadvertently clicked my mouse on the browser window just before I hit the backspace key. And now it is gone, dammit. Oh well.

      Anyways, I started this thread in response to the frequent complaints on these message boards on the practice of "streaming". I was tired of people complaining that they were "cheated" out of victory by the "unsportsmanlike" conduct of their opponent. My position on streaming now: if you don't like it, shut up and join a weekly H2H league. It's that simple.

      Anyways it is good to hear from you again my friend, Jay O, where have you been? What's this, you've got a life? Co-workers? Well, sucks to you and your priorities. This message board has gone down the tubes without your good-humored and intelligent analysis.
      Oh, and I'm sorry to disappoint, if you were expecting some fisticuffs, mano-et-mano as it were; we are basically in agreement (again).


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