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  • Ian Ian Mar 21, 2008 11:20 AM Flag

    RaY ChiN, worst commish ever


    Do not play in a league with this guy. I pointed out last week that he has maintained 1st place because he has like 137 moves this year while the next closest guy has 40 moves. Nothing derogatory, we have categories like Faceoffs Won and Shots on Goal so it is probably a good strategy to do this. I did not use foul language, all I posted was that he was not that good of a manager because all he does is add/drop his way to victory. I am playing him this week in the playoffs and it does irk me when guys play this way.

    Nevertheless, he immediately deleted my post, blocked me from posting on the league page and from emailing the league and then posts this message:

    The league is set at unlimited transactions. Yahoo states there are NO violation of the rules should any team choose to take advantage of that. Should anyone else have any problem with the way teams are managed, I suggest you take it up with Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

    Whaaaat? No one was accusing him of cheating, yet he did all of this because I said something about his 137 moves.

    The point, if you join a league run by RaY ChiN do it at your own peril. And lastly, he is a patchwork manager with no actual skills other than to add/drop guys like crazy to win categories.

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    • It's Simple.

      This is a Public H2H NO MAX league. "Streaming" is inherent in this default format of the game. Yahoo!, the people who run this game (and it is a game mind you), consider this OK. This is why they allow commissioners to change their league settings prior to the draft. If you don't like this format, join a ROTISSERIE league or a H2H league with a set MAX transactions.

      For anyone to continue this argument, you either have to be a NOOB or just plain STUPID.


      If you fall in one of these 2 categories above, keep reading ...

      Now that you realize the format of the game you are playing, you have a few choices: Deal with it (log off, cry, whine) or ADAPT to the strategy of others. Do not wait until the end of the year to complain when you've seen me do this all year long. 130+ moves is not alot considering I have no starting goalie (just backups) or goons in my lineup. This is the way I drafted because of the knowledge that I can rotate goons / goalies / PP specialists, etc. More importantly, I AM an active / competitive manager and savvy GMs draft according to the league settings. Again see reference above (LEAGUE SETTINGS - NO MAX moves)

      Mind you, I've been in leagues in the past where people blindly add / drop to win. I've been a victim of this just like everyone else reading this has in some capacity. But I've adapted because I prefer the H2H format. This is why I've increased the league to 16 teams with an expanded 25 man roster. If you DO THE MATH, this leaves role players like J.RUUTU, R.COTE (PIM), Y.PERREAULT (FW), B.LAICH (HOT) to stream on the waiver wire, ie. no superstar players, therefore the impact of "streaming" would be minimized. If one chooses to research what's good for their team for that particular week's matchup, more power to them. Don't fault them for paying attention to the season. Would you rather a 16 team league where only 2 teams actively set their lineups?

      I selectively grab players who will potentially contribute to my team when my team is slumping like this week in the playoffs. Look at how my J.Hiller and E.Ersberg pickups have given me the edge in goalie cats against you in the playoffs this week. Why J.Hiller? Cuz I know Giguere's hurt this wk. Why S.Valiquette? Cuz I know he's done well against Philly this season. There IS a method to the madness.

      Think about it, if I truly wanted to beat you and only you, then I can literally drop ALL 25 of my players every day starting Thursday and I guarantee you that I will overtake the PP category that I am trailing by 1 pt as of yesterday - and win our matchup. Instead I make 3 or 4 roster moves a day in categories I'm trailing, hope for the best, and remain competitive for the remainder of the playoffs.

      For those of you who still don't understand the way the game is played, feel free to join my No MAX - Yahoo Baseball H2H League and I will gladly show you how to "legally exploit" the league settings to win. That is, of course, IF you can even figure out how to click on the top right corner and discover what the LEAGUE SETTINGS are to begin with !!

    • Ian W - As the majority of the posters here have noticed, you truly are a whiny loser ...

      Straight from the Yahoo Help pages:

      "What are the maximum and minimum limits for the number of games played?
      There are no games played or transaction limits in Head-to-Head Leagues.

      Head-to-Head matchups are settled based on cumulative weekly stats and not any per-game or per-day averages.

      If a manager chooses to add/drop players on a daily basis in order to maximize their totals, this does not represent a violation of league rules or fair play guidelines."

      It's so pathetic that you come on a msg board, twist the truth, harrass me via email, and then try to get moral support from strangers who, for the most part, think you are sad.

      I'm assuming you can read and write, so what part of the league settings: the DAILY MOVES or NO MAXIMUM TRANSACTIONS part don't you understand? This means the game is played this way. You don't like it, play a different format. Don't start provoking me on the msg board with your derrogatory comments and not expect your post to be banned. Why should I dignify your insulting comments with a response when you yourself don't respectfully question the rules in the first place. It's obvious to me that ignorant people like yourself will simply go on and on about something that you are clearly wrong about. (like you're doing here)

      The league was advertised as a competitve league. This means managers set their lineups every day, tweak their team as often as they like, follow the sports highlights and rotisserie news, etc. If this is not you, then stop complaining and whining if you lose. It's like going to a Star Trek Convention, and then calling the people nerds when you have no idea who the characters or storylines are.

      So like others say: "SUCK IT UP" and "learn to play the game". Especially in the playoffs, where add / drops are essential if you want to give your team the best chance to win.

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      • OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH I BET YOU DIDNT EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN, ive never seen someone talkin shit on someone and then have that same person come in and say something
        thats tyte
        he even typed a freakin book, did anyone read what he said? i didnt way to many words over something stupid

      • You do not play within the spirit of the game Ray Chin and your defensive posture shows you know it. Im sure you and Bill Belichick would be fast friends.

      • You're no shining beacon of hope either, Chin. Ian may be whiny, but most here also see your style of play, "streaming" as it were, as weaksauce.

      • hahaha what a loser commish. what skill does dropping and adding ur entire roster daily show anyway? it shows nothing. anybody can do it. is it illegal? no. but do i consider it cheating? yes. u act like its impossible to cheat Ray ChiN or whatever the fuck ur name is. cheating is something everyone can do to help make their team win. but the difference between cheaters like u and respectful players like everyone else is the fact that we dont do it. what is the point in even drafting a team playing that way? that is the most ball-less way to play fantasy sports

    • you are a fa g get over it everyone does it stop whining

    • Well I see what he is trying to do. It's not cheating by any means. He trying to win. I have made many moves in my league because i got burned this week because of the amount of games played by the players i have. So if he needs to make the moves to improve in one spot in the stats, then i don't see anything wrong with that.

    • wow, cry about it some more buddy. i can't believe you wrote multiple paragraphs about something no one gives a shit about. maybe you should get some friends, and join a league with them, and you won't get screwed over.

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      • I don't really care about the add/drop thing, was just talking some smack, my point was more about the censorship thing and just warning others about this guy. I didn't think that what I said warranted a block of my posting privileges. But whatever, I am up 7-3 with him already winning FW and SOG so if I can hang on it just vindicates me. Thanks to all who gave a thumbs up and support.

        Then there is the inevitable message board tough guy. Mad-atat, as for writing multiple paragraphs about what you call "something know one gives a $%@& about" you took the time to write that response so it obviously wasn't something you didn't give a @^$% about, idiot.

    • I understand your point about the whole add/drop issue, and I think your spot on about his childish attempts at censorship about the issue. I should point out that there are circumstances where one is forced to use the add/drop stragety. I had a situation this year like that. I was at work when the draft took place, and as I can access yahoo from my work, I assumed I would be able to do the draft from there. Well, low and behold, I can't. So I got stuck with a rank rotten team, and it was the only way I could compete. I have over time, built my team to a respectable level, so I don't have to do the add/drop thing anymore, but it took me nearly the whole season to get it there.

    • i had the same thing happen in my league so i decided that i wasnt about to let him win and did it myself, i will say it does work but i definitly will start my own league next year with a max moves. I do feel like an ass doing it but im not about to let him win the league, currently im in 1st will 115 pt lead

    • Ian W, Biggest Whiner Ever

      Next time, take a look at the league/commish before you play.

      What you describe is far less heinous than the majority of commish complaints on this board. Suck it up.

    • Ya, that pisses me off when people do that. What's the point? As to his response, well...sadly you can't impeach anyone in Yahoo, so you might just have to let him win.

    • He sounds like a big whiner to me.


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