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    Need commissioners' opinions...

    I need to know what you think about roster moves, specifically in the playoffs. I've been running a H2H, private, 10 team league with friends for the last 5 years. Three of our members have, over the years, had upwards of 150 moves in a season. Cries went out, and a 75 move limit was agreed upon. However, these managers still save most of their roster moves for the playoffs, then stack the lineup every night. I know this is not against the rules, but I still have half a league complaining that it doesn't feel like it's in the spirit of the game. Doesn't it also de-value the draft having all those moves? I try to be as democratic about it as I can, but no one can ever agree. What are your thoughts on the stacking the lineup issue. Or any solutions? All opinions welcome. Thanks.

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    • only allow 4 moves per week or you could make it to where there are only 50 moves allowed per thats about 2 a week you dont see actual teams picking up players every week

    • In the playoffs we cap our moves at 6 max. We have deep rosters 3 of each forward, 6 D, and 2 G could dress in any given night. The 6 moves are basically there in case of injury. Not near enough to stack/stream, but enough to allow flexibility.

    • What are you roster sizes.You can cut down on the size of your rosters and if the want to stack there roster they have to drop some good players.If you can go thru a season and save 20 or 25 moves for the playoffs you must have drafted well.Fight fire with fire. You do the same stack your team.

    • As a commissioner you have the ability to lock players out from doing add/drops, trades, etc. One thing I instituted in my league this year is that I let guys make as many transactions as they want throughout the regular season but once the playoffs started I locked it all out and did not allow any more moves. It prevents people from stacking lineups in the playoffs every day, which is how I was beat last year. It's not exactly against the rules but I didn't think it was in the spirit of the game. I think next year I may allow players to replace injured players in the playoffs, but I'm still debating that.

    • set weekly move limits as well. say 5-7.

    • at least you have guys still playing, let them play.

    • In our keepers, we limit at 20 the number of moves for the regular season (23st weeks).
      The sunday of the week 23, the number of moves of anyone is change to 17 (everyone has only 3 moves for the play-off)

    • I know it "seems" as if these people are "cheating" by doing this, but, in reality, it's fair game whether you're in the regular season or the playoffs. Noone can drop a player and pick him up again the next day. All players go to the waiver board and can be picked up by other managers. Anyone dropping and adding on a daily basis couldn't be picking up the better players in the league, unless you have a bunch of idiots managing teams. If someone drops a player like Sakic or a Sedin, then someone else is most likely going to scoop them up. I usually keep a few "floaters" just for that reason. It's all a part of managing your team. This isn't the NHL, it's Fantasy.

    • I run a very competitive 12-team H2H keeper league and we allow 75 roster moves during the regular season without weekly limits, but only 3 add/drop per week once the post-season begins. It seems to work great. The guys who are active on the waiver wire have lots of room to maneuver, however you need to have a set roster come playoff time. Streamers won't be a problem.

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      • Why does anyone care if another team wants to work the waiver wire??? If you are happy with your team, and not changing it, Why should you care what someone else is doing???? I work the waiver wire because the rules allow it, if the moves were restricted, then I would change my strategy, to not take advantage of the rules is foolish.

    • Well, the playoffs are the most important. What we do is allow 20 moves a month, though obviously this still leads to a lot of swapping.

      If your league is deeper like mine (14 teams, 28 per roster), though, there are many players that people can't afford to swap because they'll get picked up and disappear off waivers. Practically, this means right now that 30 point players are add/dropped like crazy, but a good week from the Ovechkins of the world still will beat out someone rotating crap in and out consistently.

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      • If a team wants to drop 6 or 7 guys on saturday night to increase the man games for Sunday, either he has a weak team, or he is going to have to drop some pretty talented players to fill his roster for 1 day when there are 3 more weeks of playoffs. These players will be scooped up by the other teams, if they aren't, then they deserve to be fooled by this guy. One guy just said a player in his league dropped Sakic, there is no way Sakic should still be left for him to pick him up after sunday.

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