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  • Al Al Mar 12, 2008 12:12 PM Flag

    Need commissioners' opinions...

    I dont think it is fair to change horses mid stream. If you had 75 move max you need to stay with it. If a manger only used up 20 moves and has 55 left then he did a good job of managing his roster. If you restrict the amount of moves now, you are penalizing his good play. If he had know you were going to further limit moves for the playoffs, he might have made used more of his moves up during the regular season.
    You need to be consistent.

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    • I agree that to change rules midstream is not cool. Just my opinion.

      But as for next season, you can try what WildDingo is suggesting. If that doesn't work, the commish could lock out everyones moves except for once or twice a week. Announced of coarse. Just gotta trust the commish doesn't take advantage.

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      • My "commish" locked the wire out without letting the whole of the league know. I feel that this is crap if there is an agreed to set of move from the start or if I was informed about this lock I would have made a few moves before the lock out. Now there is nothing I can do. I wasn't planning on stacking a team, but he swears that someone out of the running would drop a player just so I could pull in front. I'll just know better next year not join with that same group. All I was going to use it for was to try and match up against the team I'd be facing that week. Sort of like matching a pitcher to a certain type of hitter.

    • I'm not going to change anything this year. That totally wouldn't be fair to anyone. Just want to get a bearing on what other people have done, and then bring ideas to the table for next season. I'm very hands-off when it comes to running the league, and unless people complain, usually leave things alone and let people manage their teams the way they want. But every year around this time, the debate always comes up.


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